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October 6th, 2003

Vacuums, Baby, Vacuums!

Let me be the first to say that vacuum cleaners have come a long way.

The first vacuum I remember seeing about the house growing up was an old, but still fully functional, light blue Hoover vac. It was exactly how you remember old vacuums looked like, with elements of 50s and 60s style thrown in, yet newer. Plusher.

That vacuum eventually went to the great carpet in the sky, and was replaced by a luggable model: one with the canister and the important goods in a little caddy no more than a foot high, and a separate hose with oodles of attachments. It was a pain to get up and down stairs, a little heavy, but my mom uses it to this day.

That said, we needed to get a vacuum cleaner as our new apartment has carpeting. I was impressed with the model we settled on. It looked fairly good (some look either scary, trendy, or Metropolis-influenced), and wasn’t overly heavy. When we tried it, I was able to successfully vacuum up the throw rug in the bathroom. Good show!

While we didn’t get something super high-tech, I’m convinced that our vacuum will suck for years to come.

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