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October 5th, 2003

How to Be An Annoying Ping Visitor

Dude, widescreen suxx! I want the picture to take up my whole screen. Your an asshole.

And Duso the Dolphin is Satan. How can you push this crap on the kids? After all, you created him and therefore you are evil too! Your an asshole.

Stop complaining about quick lube places/towing companies/self-checkout lines/Raven Symoneanything because you don’t have the wright to say anything until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes. Your an asshole. Hatersssssss!!!!!!!!

you sick people this is hilariose hey lady pee on your husband [note: this is an actual response… I just had to include it]

2Pac lives! So… will you give me information for my school report on Progeria/Bill Kirchenbaum now? I need it in five minutes. Your.

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