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October 11th, 2003

A Warranty Worth Paying For

Generally extended warranties are a way to bilk the customer out of more money without giving them very much in return. This is particularly true at electronics stores (though I did find a value in the extended warranty for my VCR, when I got it professionally cleaned every few months). There’s one extended warranty that’s cheap and well worth getting if you’re given the option: the one on a new set of tires.

For some reason, probably my general dislike for the extended warranty scan, I passed up on paying $6/tire when I last bought a set of tires. Of course, if I had thought about it and how easy it is for a tire to be damaged, I would have paid for it. Yesterday I ran over a large rock which totally damaged my front left tire. If I had the extended warranty, it would have been covered. Instead, I had to replace it. The lesson: tires are the one place where an extended warranty is a good thing.

Of course, this time I got the warranty.

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