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November 8th, 2003

My Handwriting is Quite Awful

I’m not quite sure when it happened. Perhaps it was last year. Perhaps it was when I started using the Internet. But my handwriting is really quite awful.

I don’t know what I did. I used to have wonderful penmanship – wonderful. The Palmer Method taught me well; the year cursive was introduced to my brain, I latched onto it like nobody’s business. Perfectly-drawn characters, left and right! “Q” as “2!” You name it, it was beautiful.

I think once high school hit, that started to change. Printing came back, and cursive was shuttered to Christmas cards for a year before it vanished from my pen. For a while I chose, myopically, to write in ALL CAPITALS. My lowercase letters were just miniature uppercase letters. Annoying. Awful. Bad. I brought lowercase back into the fray, but over the next ten years or so my handwriting degraded to where it is today.

The only thing I like about my handwriting is the way I print a “G.” It’s “artsy.” But everything else? Chicken scratch. I’m having a hard time making a convincing lowercase “f” anymore, and “W” is starting to look a lot like a poorly-drawn “V.”

What happened? I can type well, and when I type, my letters look wonderful! The “g” is perfect, every time! The “W” resembles a “W,” as it should be. But when I write, I feel like I’ve lost something. Other people have thankfully verified this: my handwriting isn’t great anymore.

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