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November 11th, 2003

Google Deskbar

Google has introduced the Google Deskbar, a simple concept that’s been done before, but not this well. The Deskbar is a small search box that attaches to your taskbar and allows you to search the web without opening a new browser window. Your browser can actually be closed altogether. Results pop-up in a mini-window that you can browse in or you can push the results out to your default browser.

What’s particularly nice is that you can add your own search sources to the Deskbar. So, go ahead and download it and install it. Now go to Options -> Customized Searches -> Add. In the “Name for deskbar menu” box, put “Daily Ping.” I suggest using Ctrl-P as the optional shortcut. In the URL box, put:{1}

Click OK to back out. Now you can enter a search term in the Google Deskbar, hit CTRL+P, and you’ll be searching the Ping from your toolbar. Now, looking for information about Oreos is easier than ever!

Google’s done a good job, as they have with pretty much every endeavor they’ve embarked on. They continue to be The Company That Can Do (Almost) No Wrong.

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