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November 12th, 2003

Holidays That Aren’t

Yesterday was Veterans’ Day in the U.S., which meant that schoolkids and the Postal Service (not the band) had the day off. But who else?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not much for holidays that aren’t really holidays. If it’s a holiday, darn it, everyone should get the day off. Veterans’ Day isn’t exactly my favorite holiday (that’d be my birthday, which I should get off, too) but come on. Even conducting business on such a day is tough: are people there? Are they off? It all depends.

So I tell you what. Let’s upgrade all holidays that are out there – MLK Day, Veterans’ Day – to top dog status. Everyone gets the day off. Americans get the least amount of time off amongst any industrialized country. We’re all sad, depressed, and watching TV. Can’t we have a few more days a month to catch The West Wing? Please?

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