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December 6th, 2003

The Oldest Thing

In this age of disposable everything, it’s nice to know that some things can last longer than 2 years.

The oldest thing I own, by far, is a pocket watch from my grandfather. It’s still operable, but just needs a little tune up. It’s a gorgeous piece as well; clearly built when the little details mattered immensely, and plastic-and-aluminum didn’t cut it for quality.

But one other oldish thing I have is my dresser. It’s really time for it to go away, but I’ve had that thing for as long as I can remember. It’s still serving its purpose well, although it no longer matches with any of the furniture we have. Maybe we won’t get rid of it… we could just place it somewhere else, I suppose….

Do you have any old stuff?

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FROM: Jacquie
DATE: Saturday December 6, 2003 -- 12:04:35 pm
The oldest thing I have is the couch set in my apartment. It is part of a pit group that had like 15 pieces to it. My parents got it when they got married (30 years ago) and I inherited it when I moved out of their house and into my apartment. Sure it is a burnt copper color but it is still in great shape and serves its purpose. It is comfortable and I have room to seat about 10+ people, with the 5 pieces I have in my apartment living room. The cushions sort of sucks you in when you sit on it. Great for taking naps on too... (It is almost as good as Greg's orange couch, that he has in his living room. You know what I am talking about Paul!)

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday December 6, 2003 -- 12:30:45 pm
I have the teddy bear my grandmother bought me when I was born.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday December 6, 2003 -- 2:08:52 pm
Come to think of it Jacquie, Greg's orange couch really needs its own Ping.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Saturday December 6, 2003 -- 6:49:14 pm
Everything in my house is old. From the 60s-style kitchen, to the "orange couch", to the billiard table from the 1920s in the basement.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Saturday December 6, 2003 -- 7:01:23 pm
My family has tons of old stuff, including a very old Bible that was passed down from great grandparents. That Bible is a beauty with gold trim, lether bound, massive in size, beautiful golden lettering, and full color illustrations.

In terms of regular old stuff: my parents have a bunch of very old furniture, tools, and a letter from Abraham Lincoln to my great grandfather. Even alot of the gear I wear is from about 9 or 10 years ago. I have two pairs of jeans that I wear at least twice a week that are from high-school.

FROM: jk
DATE: Saturday December 6, 2003 -- 8:42:39 pm
My mom is an antique dealer so I have lots of old stuff.....on a personal level, I have a photo of my grandfather from WW1 that he must have given to my grandmother before they were married. I recently found someone online who sells military memorabilia selling the documents that accompanied every award and honor my grandfather rec'd in WW1. It's creepy. We think the Russians stole the documents when they pillaged the village in 1945. And my brother and I are trying desperately to get the items back for less than the $875 the seller is asking for them!

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