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December 5th, 2003

Pick-a-Number PO

My local post office is now a “Pick-a-Number Post Office.” Now, just like at your local deli counter, you have to take a number for service. Why was this implemented when a regular queue seemed to work just fine? The reasoning, according to the sign, is that it allows people to shop the many fine products the post office has to offer rather than waiting in a line. Presumably, they expect people to wander around and be free, rather than be restricted by the stuffy old concept of waiting in line.

Whatever. I’m just concerned that this particular post office can handle it. This is the same one that put up a Christmas-themed holiday sign just before Christmas and left it up until June… the same one whose main stamp machine has a hand-written “Out of Service” sign taped on it half of the time (literally)… the same one who make people ring a bell to wait for service if they want to pick up a package or held mail, and then ignore it. I just don’t think they have the intelligence to pull it off.

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday December 5, 2003 -- 10:41:36 am
For years, our neighborhood in Leesburg was the training route for new mail carriers.

Explains a lot...

FROM: Greg
DATE: Friday December 5, 2003 -- 11:19:47 am
The bakery does the same thing. They should get together.

"Yea, can I have a fresh-baked loaf of bread, some Christmas cookies, and a roll of stamps please"

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday December 5, 2003 -- 12:42:19 pm
Chris -- For what it's worth, the post office mentioned above is in Sterling (by my work, the one I use for my PO Box).

FROM: Alex
DATE: Friday December 5, 2003 -- 2:31:08 pm
I'm not sure which I hate most, the Post Office or DMV!

FROM: Chris
DATE: Friday December 5, 2003 -- 3:42:13 pm
You could be describing the PO in Leesburg too. Michelle had a horrible time getting the Postmaster there to respond whren the mail carrier would just throw our mail on the ground if it didn't fit in the box.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday December 5, 2003 -- 5:11:18 pm
Probably the same guy that tied the box to our mailbox that time we were out of town and asked for all mail to be stopped, right? :)

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday December 5, 2003 -- 7:21:42 pm
They understaff the post office and work those people to death. I don't care if the post office continues to lose money and stays in debt; they still need to better staff thos eplaces.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday December 5, 2003 -- 7:25:52 pm
There is NO chance that I am using the USPS for my Christmas packages this time around.

Say it with me: What can brown do for you?

FROM: jk
DATE: Friday December 5, 2003 -- 9:21:53 pm
In order to promote closeness among neighbors, my mailman puts mail in the wrong boxes. I only see my neighbors across the street when I take their mail to them! It's a friendship based on missing bills and catalogs, yet it works for us.

FROM: entessar
DATE: Sunday December 7, 2003 -- 7:50:18 am
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