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December 20th, 2003

Building the Perfect Pen

As some of you may know, I have a penchant for good pens. I appreciate a writing device that does its job and does it well. With that in mind, I’ve put together the features that I’d like in a pen – but not just any pen, the Perfect Pen.

  1. Ink-based. No doubt about it, ink is the way to go. But ideally this pen will let me switch between blue and black ink relatively easily. It will also be designed to prevent ink blotches.
  2. Thick body. The Dr. Grip has a nice, slightly gel-like grip. I appreciate a thicker body on the pen and, as a bonus, it allows more goodies inside.
  3. Built-in correction. I need Liquid Paper now more than ever. A reservoir with Liquid Paper would be quite handy and, ideally this would be easy to use.
  4. Lightweight. The whole thing needs to be lightweight, no doubt.
  5. Writes upside-down and in very cold weather. The entire reason for this Ping came from the pen that’s currently in my car: it dies in cold weather. Please, please, can we fix this? And as a bonus, let me write upside down like the astronauts.

So really, I want a good pen for Christmas. I apologize to everyone who was struggling to get me a gift this year.

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