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January 2nd, 2004

Black and White M&Ms

It’s arguably one of the strangest promotions in a while (right after our promotion of, “Get a free jar of salsa when you bring us your working used car.”) M&Ms have lost their color.

I mention it largely because M&Ms look very odd without color. And, well, it’s kind of neat to see a primarily black-and-white website; I haven’t seen much of that since 1996.

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday January 2, 2004 -- 9:50:20 am
I saw the black and white M&Ms on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve special (I think two of the M&M's were hosting or something)... now I know what it's all about.

For such a simple candy, they've really managed to build a lot of emotion and personality around them. Who would have ever thought people would get so riled up over adding/taking away colors and such?

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday January 2, 2004 -- 10:18:28 am
Ugh --

Just after midnight on New Years, Dick Clark "interviewed" the black and white M-M's..The only thing noteworthy of the segment was there was a bowl of black and white M&M's sitting there, and they looked really.....ugly.

I wonder how much Mars Inc. paid for that segment.

FROM: Mars Geek
DATE: Friday January 2, 2004 -- 11:51:38 am
Mars Inc. (the WHOLE company!) is a registered trademark of the planet Mars. I smell an interplanetary lawsuit!

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Saturday January 3, 2004 -- 1:25:32 am
I love those little M&Ms. They are so much fun. The ideas that they come up with are so cute and original. Love them little candies. I wonder what they will think up next. Can't wait for another one of those cute commercials.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday January 3, 2004 -- 8:33:54 am
I can't figure out if you are being sarcastic or for real....either way, it's funny. ;)

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday January 4, 2004 -- 10:43:41 am
I thought this was some elaborate ploy until I saw it in the store yesterday. Oh wait, it still might be an elaborate ploy . . . and especially elaborate one.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday January 4, 2004 -- 12:53:04 pm
But is it a ploy, Robert? Is it?

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