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January 18th, 2004

Lands’ End

I have to say that I have nothing but warm, fuzzy feelings for Lands’ End.

About a year and a half ago, I stopped in one of their stores in Chicagoland, and got myself a great deal on a sweater. Since then, it’s become my primary source for clothing. I stay away from the questionable stuff, such as reindeer sweaters, and stick to basics for work and the inevitable jeans.

But one of the reasons I like LE so much is that their customer service department can answer anything. Here is an actual letter I wrote them:

This is probably one of the oddest questions you’ll ever encounter.

A few months ago, I replaced all of my socks with new ones from a place other than Lands’ End. The reason I did so was to prevent my apartment (and carpet) from being overrun by “fuzzies” that these socks would leave behind, often when I was taking off said socks.

Now, just a few months later, these new socks are exhibiting the same behavior. Small fuzzies are in my socks and, once again, in the carpet.

My question for you is, do your socks differ?

And their reply:

I think all socks can have this tendency. As we walk frictionis created between the sock and foot. This friction abradesthe fibers. This is what causes your socks to eventually wearout.

Anyone who is willing to answer a question as silly as that (but seriously, too!) is worth my business.

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