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January 19th, 2004


While I’ve always been a sucker for The Card Game on The Price is Right (I’ve always loved oversized cards on game shows), the most famous game from that show is, no doubt, Plinko. At 21-years-old, Plinko is still the one game that every contestant wants to play… not just because of how well-known it is, but because of all the games on TPiR, Plinko has the greatest potential prize (correct me if I’m wrong, Joe or Dave). Interestingly, because you have to get a perfect score on Plinko for it to be considered a “win” (no one ever has), Bob Barker doesn’t consider a show “perfect” if someone Plinko and doesn’t get all $50,000.

Perhaps one of the game show historians can enlighten me on something, though: on the previously linked page, why does the last picture have a caption of “Boo!”?

And for the rest of you: what would your Plinko strategy be? Would you drop your Plinko chips right down the center, or would you take the side-in approach?

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