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January 23rd, 2004

Makin time

For the few Pingers that have been in my office, the one item that gets more comments than any other is my clock made out of old computer parts. A hard drive platter is the face and it’s laid on a board of some sort. Various small chips mark off the time. It’s a nifty clock and makes good use of the notoriously environmentally unfriendly computer parts. I used to just be able to tell people that it was “made by a woman in Maryland who collects old computer parts from people and turns them into clocks.” Well, now she has a web site, You can see a sample of her work in the catalogue, including the one that looks the most similar to the one I have. Some other favorites include this large one and this one with a pendulum.

The clocks take a single AA battery and come ready to hang (well, the wall clocks do, at least). Prices range from $18 to $160.

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