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February 3rd, 2004


There’s no shortage of computer retailers online, that’s for sure. Do a Froogle search and you’ll come across dozens of online stores you’ve never heard of that are mostly likely run by a guy in his garage.

One company, though, seems to have come out of nowhere and really stepped into the limelight: When it comes to computer accessories, they are always one of the lowest prices online, often offering free FedEx Super Saver shipping, and their service is outstanding. They frequently offer goodies like t-shirts or hats and you’re kept abreast of the 5-step ordering process from credit card validation to shipping. An order on a Monday morning will be at your door by Thursday and the packaging is always perfect. I’ve ordered more frequently from NewEgg in the last month than DeepDiscountDVD… and that’s saying something.

The only room for improvement is with their browsing capabilities. You’d better know what you want going in, because finding it can be a challenge. Fortunately, their search function works relatively well.

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