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February 4th, 2004

The Warhol Collection

I’ll admit it: I don’t know much about Andy Warhol. But I’m mighty impressed by The Warhol Collection’s Time Capsules, which makes us all feel a little better about the crap we have in our basements and attics.

Warhol had 610 cardboard boxes the he filled with various things from his every day life. He’d keep a box by his desk and fill it with invitations to parties, fan letters, and newspapers and when it was full, he’d put the top on and start a new one. The end result is an ongoing exhibit that looks into the minutiae of Warhol’s daily life. Each month, the Warhol Museum opens a box and puts its contents on display. I doubt a box from my basement would be nearly as interesting as a box from Warhol’s collection, but maybe someday I can wrap the Ping up and put it in a time capsule for future generations to see. After all, how else will they find out about tow truck drivers in the early part of the century?

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