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March 9th, 2004

Everyone hates Pitman, do you?

Periodically, I attend special movie showings at the historic Broadway Theatre in Pitman, NJ. At the most recent showing, I was surprised to hear one of the other attendees complaining about the “no smoking in public” law in Pitman. He explained it’s also a dry town and that “there’s a great site called ‘Everybody Hates Pitman’ that talks about why Pitman sucks.” I had no idea that this seemingly quaint little town in the middle of nowhere had such hate built up against it (although I was confused by this sign—where am I supposed to park when the movies go until 4am?).

But boy, does it.

Sure, the site looks like it’s put together by someone who comes to the Ping looking for Raven-Symone (referring to stupid laws as “gay”), but it still offers some laughs here and there. I’ll definitely say that the Miss Pigman page was unnecessary (c’mon, those girls don’t deserve to be made fun of up there with the town’s stupid laws), but I did get a kick out of the site’s purpose page which states: “No other pages, dedicated to towns, will ever be built again. This page couldn’t be topped in any way. Everyone, for different reasons, really hates Pitman. Yes, all towns suck for various reasons. It’s just that no town around can be as sucky of a place as Pitman.”

Sometimes we all just need a little juvenile humor in our lives.

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 9, 2004 -- 2:37:13 pm
Humor is one thing, but having an "Insult Me" page with a picture of someone (A student at Pitman?) and the text:

"Columbine should have been Pitman".

There's no humor in that.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 9, 2004 -- 3:25:36 pm
I didn't see that one (that one page is randomly generated). From what I can tell, the pictures on that particular page are just swiped from somewhere on the web...

FROM: Uneccisary
DATE: Tuesday March 9, 2004 -- 3:51:39 pm
Tulock pitman rules

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 9, 2004 -- 4:54:27 pm
Dave--They could make that joke on a special mistake/technicality:

It does not premote any violence towards Pitman or anyone in Pitman!

FROM: Heather
DATE: Tuesday March 9, 2004 -- 5:27:07 pm
Can we possibly revisit the subject of Ted L Nancy?

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 9, 2004 -- 5:36:52 pm
Sure, go for it. In the Ted L. Nancy Ping.

(Good Lord.)

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 9, 2004 -- 7:45:39 pm
For what it's worth, I've been to Pitman many a time, and thought it was ok. (Been to that theater too, Ryan).

The kid (I'm assuming, since he rails against the football team) has the right to put the site up, and rail against the town for what he feels are bad policies and laws. Still, making light of the murder of 12 students and a teacher, just for your own humor, doesn't sit well with me. To hide behind a weak disclaimer is gutless.

Just my opinion. I have a sense of humor, but not with something like that.

FROM: Heather
DATE: Tuesday March 9, 2004 -- 10:03:04 pm
whatever....I just found this website by typing Ted L Nancy in the search engine and (woohoo!) found a conversation from four years ago.Anyway, I'm new...have mercy.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday March 9, 2004 -- 10:51:00 pm
Anyway, I'm new...have mercy.

Yeah, but you commented there already and figured out where to post. Plus, sadly, there are 394,220 people before you who have done the exact same thing.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday March 10, 2004 -- 7:34:25 pm
I can't believe their 7-11 has American employees. That place must really be square.

FROM: Ace High
DATE: Thursday March 11, 2004 -- 12:25:11 am
Who makes this website. Do they actually live in this town? We must remember it is in New Jersey. I mean why do they call it the Garden State. I saw it once. What do they grow? Smokestacks? Turnpikes?

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday March 11, 2004 -- 9:28:04 am
Now don't go cutting on Jersey, Ace High... Jersey's more than the Turnpike!

I'm still petitioning for South Jersey to be considered it's own state...

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday March 11, 2004 -- 9:37:40 am
Good point, Ryan. BIG difference between South Jersey and North Jersey. Well, could get rid of Vineland, but everything else about South Jersey is pretty nice. ;p

As far as North Jersey...BAH. There's a reason you don't have to pay to get into NJ, but you have to pay to get out...

FROM: none of your damm business
DATE: Sunday May 16, 2004 -- 10:37:17 pm
stop comlaining about our town and kill yourself immediatly by ingesting large amounts of niccotine you stupid bastard and rot in hell to boot

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday May 18, 2004 -- 11:31:23 am
FROM: none of your damm business

Dude, you're from New Jersey...and you can't even cuss properly? You should be ashamed of yourself.

FROM: Animat3d
DATE: Tuesday May 18, 2004 -- 1:55:58 pm
man if your from jersey and you cant cuss right, you should be ashamed. thats horrible.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday May 18, 2004 -- 2:32:33 pm
I remember playing soccer as a kid (in New Jersey!) and laughing hysterically when the ref told us not to "cuss." We'd never heard anything other than "curse." "Cuss" was a foreign language, like English, to us.

FROM: j.h.v
DATE: Tuesday January 18, 2005 -- 3:20:20 pm
what is this place? some haters site! all of you are haters. earse this site by tommorow or i'm calling it in to the police! either that or put your liceance on the home page.

FROM: j. h.v.
DATE: Tuesday January 18, 2005 -- 3:26:07 pm
now that i've read your article i under stand. that your bad people,bad,bad a 8yr. old i should now!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday January 19, 2005 -- 3:49:49 pm
earse this site by tommorow or i'm calling it in to the police!

If it's the spelling police, you're the one that should be worried.

FROM: The Pitman Panther
DATE: Tuesday July 26, 2005 -- 5:16:45 am
Sorry to post on an old topic, but I just came across it. As a resident of Pitman for over a decade, I can honestly say it's one of the worst places I could ever imagine living. I'm about 6 days away from moving out of town finally, and it isn't coming a day to soon.

Pitman is a town full of biggots, and high class white trash. With their republican beliefs that minorities, and poverty should not be tolerated. Althought the historic grove is basically as trashy as you could imagine the "projects" in an all white town being.

The town has a total of about 5 black families living in it, and when I went to Pitman High, there were only 3 black children in the entire school district. They tout their schools as being listed in NJ's 100 best school districts, yet they fail to mention things such as the coke dealer who would peddle his wares at his desk in my freshman homeroom.

Pitman isn't as nice as it seems to the outside world, they just have a way of ensuring that things get swept under the rug. Those of you who are disillusioned into thinking it's an alright place must not know the facts about such matters as the "Pitman Sniper" who targeted a helpless bike rider with a bb gun from the roof of the Sony plant, was none other then the police chief's son.

I know for a fact that in the past 3 years there have been 3 suicides, and a stabbing that were never read about in the Gloucester County times.

If you live in the area, get a police scanner, and learn all of Pitman's dirty little secrets. The enlightenment is very enjoyable.

While the site was immature, and had some very tasteless ideas, the truth is, the guy had an idea of what he/she was talking about. The person who made the site keeps his/her identity very secretive, so I'm not sure if he/she is in fact from Pitman, or not, but my guess would be to have such a loathing, and understanding of the disgusting town, he/she must be.

As for those white folks working at 7-11, they are one of the most vile families you'll ever meet. That's right, 3 of those employees are from the same family tree. 1 is a child molester, who much like the rest of Pitman's dirty little secrets, had his case pushed under the rug. He got away with the whole ordeal because his mother who also works 7-11 sleeps with members of the police force.

That's enough for now, but if this topic heats up, I might reappear to join the discussion.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday July 26, 2005 -- 9:19:18 am
Yeah, yeah, but at least Pitman has the Broadway Theatre!

Oh wait... maybe not.

FROM: Ashley
DATE: Monday August 1, 2005 -- 2:44:30 pm
So, this guy claims that the sniper was "none other" than the chief of police's son.... wow that's interesting since the Chief of Police is Scott Campbell and his son is Robert Campbell who just recently graduated from CLEARVIEW REGIONAL HIGHSCHOOL.... the shooting happened what? 7 years ago??? maybe more?? That would make this "sniper" what? 11? You're crazy man.

Scott Campbell has no other sons..

It's people like you, who open their mouths and talk shit (that is untrue) that makes this town as "bad" as it is.

Pitman IS nice. so there was 3 suicides in one year in a town of 10,000.... How many suicides do you think are in Camden every year?

Bad things happen EVERYWHERE.
Get over it dude and stop being a pusssssy.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday August 1, 2005 -- 9:47:46 pm
Man, Ryan, Ashley told you what's up!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday August 2, 2005 -- 9:00:57 am
I believe her wrath was directed at The Pitman Panther (two comments above hers).

That said, the extra "s"es in "pusssssy" really help drive the point home.

FROM: Lindsay
DATE: Wednesday August 31, 2005 -- 2:44:06 pm
I live in Glassboro and it is SO MUCH BETTER THAN PITMAN

FROM: another person who\'s sick of Pitman
DATE: Thursday March 30, 2006 -- 7:35:25 pm
What happened to the "everybody hates pitman" site????

FROM: diggy dogg
DATE: Thursday July 6, 2006 -- 12:31:19 pm
Everyone knows that pitman sucks....there are more WHORES per square inch in pitman than anywhere on earth....Pitman is white trash USA!!!!!!

FROM: pitmanpanther
DATE: Thursday July 13, 2006 -- 11:49:25 am
What did happen to the website?? that site ruled....the best was how it portrayed that dopey lady that is the crossing guard. She dresses up in costumes for holidays and everything....she is one ugly wrinkled bitch....ick......I hear alot of stuff about her.....she thinks everyone likes her but its the opposite....Everyone thinks she is a retard.....

MB August 31, 2006, 2:33 pm

I’m kind of curious as to what happened to the site as well. As an out of towner who moved to Pitman when I was 10, I can really see what makes this place fucked up. Granted to town can be nice at times, but God there is a lot of white trash here. Two more years and I’m fucking out of here.

Tom December 27, 2006, 6:55 am

ok, well ive lived in pitman for most of my life, orignally from paulsboro moved when i was 6, and i can say that yes, pitman has its down points. every town does. every school has their drug dealer, their suicide victim, their white trash. there are problems that arent just in pitman but society as a whole and if you feel that pitman is the only place where these sorts of problems are, then you my friend are retarded. Pitman is a very low crime area and is a nice place to live. you will never find your perfect utopian society where there are no drugs, biggots, sex offenders, and police cover ups. if you think the pitman police are the only police force to push things under the rug than you need to move from the rock you have lived under your entire life and experience the world. Again not saying pitman is super great and there are no problems just saying other schools and other towns have the same problems, if not worse. so get off our backs.

chris foley December 27, 2006, 2:35 pm

that dude is totally right,
the 3 working at 7-11 are all from one family tree…I know all 3 of them and Yes the one got off on child molestation charges, he is a total pig and a child predator, he raped a young boy anally, the other son Bob is a nice guy, contrary to what anyone says, bob is a hard working guy that holds 2 jobs…he is making himself into something and is not white trash like the other family members…the mother kim is a total pig, slut, whore, whatever you want to call her, she will sleep with anything with a penis….she is a backstabber and will sue you if you look at her wrong..she is the epidomy of white trash, she is dirty, skinny and a crack addict…she smokes crack cocaine and I know, my neighbor that got arrested for dealing, sold to her all the time. she slept with her nephew danny miller. she was sleeping with him for over 2 years which caused turmoil in her family and then they all shunned her for doing so…the lady has no moral values and would rob from a blind person if it benefitted her….you can trash the family if you want, but dont trash bob…he is embarrassed of his family and is trying to make himself into something..but kim and tommy are total trash….they are the definition of white trash in the dictionary.

Hmf May 30, 2007, 3:59 am

This town harbors nasty whores.

Corinne October 12, 2007, 10:29 pm

Lived in Pitman for a while, and while it has it’s old town charm, my family and I had to leave. Do I hate Pitman? Well, hate is a strong word. I don’t hate it. But I definitely dislike it.

I took a look around at my daughter’s back to school night at Memorial School and it was full of parents who could care less what they looked like. They looked like a bunch of scrubs – if they had on jeans, I would have considered them formally dressed. To me, you represent your child. I guess if I wanted to represent a white trash child, I would have dressed like them. When some of them opened their mouths, it was even worse. Improper English and cuss words were rampant.

Pitman schools – NOT impressed. It is NOT a blue ribbon school district. High test scores are easy to profess when you finalge the results. They left out a good number of children. Leaving out even 10, when your enrollment doesn’t come anywhere close to the class size at Washington Twp or Clearview, would definitely place you higher in the rankings. Technology barely exists in Pitman schools compared to other districts. So many parents in Pitman said how great the schools were and it baffled me. But I finally figured out why. So many people come back/stay in Pitman when they get married and have their own families – the bottom line is, they don’t know any better! They went to school here themselves and didn’t experience better districts.

Class of people… I touched on before. But I’ve never seen so many little hudlum kids in my life. Their parents obviously have no concern over the fact that many Pitman children are not involved in extracurricular activities, sports, working part time, etc. They have so much time on their hands that we had to call the police many times as their desire to completely disrupt our neighborhood was THAT bad. I was bad as a teenager – but our mischief involved drinking beer around a bonfire in the woods away from homes with families in them, not screaming and rolling around on people’s lawns, or climbing up on their porches obviously trying to vandalize something. Where are their parents?? And the police are a joke. They do nothing and say, “Call if it happens again”… when that time comes again, the same non-results happen.

Drug dealing on my corner… yep, every night. It’s so obvious, it’s not even funny. We actually put up surveillence and have it on tape. But the authorities still did nothing.

I think I could go on and on. But Pitman is not a nice place to live, grow up, etc. I would never let my kids grow up there. Nicer than Glassboro (previous poster who said the opposite – are you smoking something????)… but definitely not a place I would have ever stayed. White trash definitely rulls Pitman. You have your nice folks here and there, but they are FEW and FAR BETWEEN.

Rocourt June 11, 2008, 2:34 am

Like the new closeted gay cop they hired in Pitman.

Ryan June 11, 2008, 2:58 am

Nice to know homophobia is alive and well in Pitman.

Pearl June 17, 2008, 8:44 pm

yeah I think I know who he is….cute and acts nice, quiet though. Too bad he has to cover. I guess homophobia is bad on the force.

proud to be a panther June 30, 2008, 4:35 am

i like it here im not gonna lie.. it as its flaws… but for the people who talk about drug dealing, im no angel im around kids who deal in pitman, but i assure u no one in pitman sits on a corner all night.. thats dumb.. the town i 2 miles long…its not ahrd to walk and get ur drugs.. dont bullshit and say that cuz u are exactly whats wrong with pitman… if u want the perfect utopia, get a better job, and move to the hamptons.. haha.. as for racism..yeah its prevalant throughout the town, but not “everyone”, we dont shun blacks whatsoever, ive never heard anyone tell a black kid they didnt want them there… but in the same breath they arent doing themselves justice (we have 2 full black kids in PHS, they have a kid with eachother)…. in all seriousness though, its not awful, theres no hardcore criminals walking the street, the only major flaw is the sweeping under the rug of major incidences, however its pitman, EVERYTHING gets around pitman, so its not like ur not gonna find out anyway! haha..and i agree the old 7-11 employees were scum.. not lisa though, u HAVE to love lisa!

skeptic in the grove July 2, 2008, 8:57 pm

Pitman is alright, except what you said Panther…major things like racism and them having a gay cop get swept under the rug. Nothing wrong with being gay just it kept quiet I guess. I agree on 7-11 too. I wonder if that cop hangs out in the park at night…hahaha

Pete July 8, 2008, 12:00 pm

I am reading these comments, 2 things – so who is this gay cop? He’s new? What’s the word? This town doesn’t seem to be open to a homo with a badge.
What’s up with drug dealing? Is that happening a lot? iknow its everywhere, but you don’t seem to hear much about it around here.
Just curious.

NJ Outsider October 6, 2008, 10:14 pm

I’ve been looking around for info on Pitman, and this string of comments has helped. I’ll be visiting Pitman soon, but only overnight to see a friend. I’m not planning on moving there. Any reassurances or warnings on just visiting briefly?

Rocourt October 12, 2008, 5:06 pm

Well just don’t jog in the park after dark. One of the cops in town seems to enjoy cruisng it for joggers.

patricia December 22, 2009, 8:14 pm

the kids in pitman are total trash.

Former Transplant to Pitman January 25, 2010, 1:00 am

This is all very interesting…. I lived in Pitman for quite some time and have since moved away.
There are some simple rules to living in a small town, be it Pitman or anywhere else.
1. Don’t air your dirty secrets.
2. Do expect to hear everyone else’s dirty secrets!
3. Do wear sweat pants to pick your child up from kindergarten to prove that you don’t have a job.
4. Do make friends with the local law enforcement to avoid DUI’s and overnight parking tickets.
5. Move when they find out your dirty secrets!!

Brenna December 29, 2010, 8:11 pm

Pitman is not like it used to be. 20 years ago, it was a really nice place to live. It’s just not anymore. The kids are definitely white trash. Had to leave to give my kids something better.

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