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March 21st, 2004

Clean Carts

When I went to Giant for a little food shopping action last night, I was particularly happy to see that outside the store, they had a container of disinfectant baby wipes available right by the shopping carts. I assume this is in response to a recent report that there are as many germs on shopping cart as in a public restroom. Or maybe they got the idea from reading that Wegmans regularly disinfects their shopping cart handles.

Whatever the case, I was happy to wipe down the cart before heading into the grocery store. I’m not germ-phobic by any stretch, but I’ve seen enough to make me release most people unconsciously love spreading their own germs.

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FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Sunday March 21, 2004 -- 8:13:44 pm
Germs are everywhere chasing me in my nightmares.... Help, germ attack. Quick! get the 409!

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday March 24, 2004 -- 2:33:47 pm
I just got back from Giant where I cleaned the shopping cart with my own Wet Ones, the ones that live in my car. This Giant does not supply them like yours, Ryan! I felt pretty good about it too, and when I reached the free baked goods part of the bakery, I knew that I was not using kiddie-snot-covered hands.

We could so easily link this to the Ping about people not washing their hands after they use the bathroom.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday March 24, 2004 -- 5:05:53 pm
jk -- that continues to gross me out big time... it really changes your perception of a person when you realize they're not "a washer."

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday March 24, 2004 -- 9:26:21 pm
I know! I remember telling you all that I used to teach my training classes right outside the restrooms, and I noticed both customers AND employees not washing their hands since we were able to hear (or not hear!) the water. One guy, when I confronted him, claimed that he didn't wash his hands because he disliked the electric hand dryer! He went on to marry my one assistant (I wonder if I ever told her about the incident?) and she subsequently divorced him in less than 6 months.

Why bother having "sneeze guards" at buffets if we all have to use the same utensils when we serve ourselves?

FROM: Pallante Enterprise Inc.
DATE: Monday May 3, 2004 -- 9:54:35 am
Pallante Enterprise has an enviromentally friendly disinctactant that fights against 50 differant bacterias and germs and is offering shopping cart cleaning in the soth florida area. Anyone in the grocery business please feel free to contact for info. Jerry Pallante 954-817-0881

FROM: Pallante Enterprise
DATE: Thursday November 11, 2004 -- 1:15:04 pm
lets get supermarkets on a cleaning program for their carts!!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday November 12, 2004 -- 2:34:18 pm
Ever look inside one of those cute plastic truck grocery carts? You know, those ones they have for kids to sit in and pretend they're driving a truck. If you ever looked inside one of those, you'd have the fright of your life. I was made curious by this Ping and I peeked. Oh my God! It was a Petri dish.

If you're a parent, for God's sake, don't put your child inside one of those truck carts and expect the poor kid not to contract hepititis. The appearance of the steering wheel alone was enough to inspire a vomit gag from a tough- stomached adult (me).

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