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April 4th, 2004

An Open Letter to Nickel Creek

Dear Nickel Creek,

I want to apologize to you three, first and foremost. A while back my wife treated me to tickets for a Glen Phillips concert with you as the opening act, at the House of Blues in Chicago. It was in honor of one of our early dates, which was seeing Glen at the Park West. I really enjoyed it, she really enjoyed it, and we were anxious to see Glen perform again. My wife also started developing a soft spot for your music.

But about 20 minutes into your performance, which was after Glen’s that night, we chose to leave. I really chose to leave, since it was “up to me,” and everything was fine.

Since then though, I’ve become more and more fascinated by your music. My tastes have been spinning in that direction (I’ve been listening to more blues- and folk- inspired rock,) and your stuff seems to stand up just fine. I am now hoping to get your latest album and work my way back in your catalog.

So again, I just wanted to apologize for not giving you a fair shot when you were in Chicago. Should you wish, I’d be happy to give you another shot when you visit the Paramount here in Denver in April, so long as I get free tickets. Deal?

Your friend,


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