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April 3rd, 2004

10 Year Reunion

Last night I dreamt I was attending my 10-year high school reunion, which interestingly was announced earlier in the week (but doesn’t take place until November). The reunion had two parts, a lunch buffet in a picnic area and a fancy dinner immediately afterwards. I attended the picnic and ran into a few people I wanted to see, and a few people I didn’t expect to see (like someone that had graduated a year before me and their mother). I left before the dinner because I had other plans, but was relieved because after about ten minutes, I was ready to go.

Does anyone have any good stories from their (real) 10-year high school reunion? We didn’t have a 5-year, which is OK because people don’t change that much in five years, but I am planning on attending our 10-year reunion in November. I’m not quite sure what to expect.

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday April 3, 2004 -- 9:29:07 am
I'm still contemplating about going to my 10 year reunion, which would be in '05. There's people I would love to see again, and others I was glad to get away from.

I'll probably end up going, I dunno.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday April 3, 2004 -- 11:06:20 am
My 20 year is next summer in Dallas. Because I graduated overseas, and there were only 26 in my class, they combine reunions - so next summer is the reunion for Kwajalein High classes 80-85, plus anybody else from Kwaj that wants to go. I thinking about it. I'm still in touch with two friends from high school, if one or both of them is going I might do it to.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Saturday April 3, 2004 -- 2:42:07 pm
I don't think I'll be going to my 10-year next year. I keep in touch with the people I want to already. There are a couple people I might like to find out how they're doing... but I just imagine it's kind of a "and what have YOU been doing?" question-fest. There were a lot of competitive people... maybe they've outgrown it, maybe not, but I don't want to take the chance.
Chris, did you know anyone with the last name Fierston while you were living on Kwajalein? (not in h.s., but earlier)

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday April 4, 2004 -- 10:24:19 pm
I skipped my 5 year reunion because they failed to find me and invite me, and when the 10th rolled around, I said "If I can find my favorite 2 classmates on my own, then I don't have to go." I found them, and didn't go!

I finally went to my 15th and had the time of my life. (Please, no Dirty Dancing references) There were still a few people whom I really missed and wanted to catch up with, and we had a blast. There was one particular guy whom I wanted to see because he was just the most progressive person in our class.....has his hair all moussed up like Robert Smith and was pretty brilliant. Well, I spotted him and ran up to him, begging for details of his presumably exciting life, and I was incredibly disappointed to find that he could not form cohesive sentences. He wasn't drunk, but must have lost some serious brain cells in 15 years. I wandered away, really unsure of what he'd been doing all these years, and then I danced like a fool to "Rock Lobster" with the girls I used to eat lunch with.

I will definitely go to my 20 year reunion. I left this reunion thinking that we should do it every year, that's how great it was. And I HATED my high school!

Go to your reunions with a very open mind.

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 11:28:45 am
I hated high school and didn't really like most of the people there. Still... I was contemplating going to my 10th, but then they had it at a ridiculous time of year. On a boat. So... I didn't manage to make up to MA for it.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Monday April 5, 2004 -- 12:48:02 pm
Monica, the name Fierston does not sound familiar. However, I was on Kwaj for only 2 years, (83-85).

FROM: Andrea
DATE: Wednesday June 23, 2004 -- 2:56:23 am
I have a 10-year coming up in 05. I'm not sure what to expect, or even how to act! I'd like to go, and have only kept in touch and remained friends with two should be interesting!

Eric September 1, 2006, 1:46 pm

My 10-year is coming up in a few months! I am still debating going or not. I think it would be fun to just go and hang out with people I haven’t seen for ten years and maybe get back in touch with some but I am not as well off as I would like to be and I am worried about the handful of people that I think would actually still care about that sort of thing. Maybe more people would care than I think, or not.

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