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April 5th, 2004

SnL Music That Doesn’t Suck

Almost every week when I watch my recorded version of Saturday Night Live, I’ll watch a few seconds of that week’s crappy musical guest (always representing what’s making its way around the airwaves at the time) and fast forward through it. This weekend, though, was the first time I actually watched both performances all the way through. And this is the first time in recent memory where the musical guest so far eclipsed the rest of the show (Donald Trump is definitely up there in the list of five worst hosts).

This week, SnL brought the mighty Toots and Maytals on, who performed the legendary “Pressure Drop” with Jack Johnson and Ben Harper and “Funky Kingston” with The Roots and Bootsy Collins (“Toots, The Roots, and Boots”). Toots is legendary and his guests are some of the most talented cats of the last ten years. Looking at Toots’ new album, True Love, he teams up with everyone from Willie Nelson to Keith Richards to Daddy U-Roy (!).

So, Toots, thanks for the good show on SnL. It’s about time there was a musical guest that didn’t make my fast-forward finger itchy.

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