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April 6th, 2004

Simple Toys

Some things never change. Kids, despite being surrounded by amazing toys that do all sorts of things (blink, spin, rotate, create antimatter,) the simple toys still ring true. LEGO? Still popular. That Playskool lawnmower that just juggles balls in its plastic dome? Still popular. Little cars? Still popular. Barbie? Yep.

But I’m talking simple. Like, say, a big cardboard box. Wooden blocks. No plastic bags, though – those aren’t toys, buddy. The simple toys are still the best, in my book. For me it was wooden blocks. Coupled with a stool and a few pillows, I was able to fashion all of it into a version of my local Tastee-Freez (really!) Wooden blocks were definitely my favorites.

How about you?

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