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April 7th, 2004

Blood Donor Begging

Who would have ever thought that the most annoying people on the planet weren’t telemarketers, but people representing hospital blood donation efforts?

My wife gave blood at her work a few months ago and ever since then, she’s gotten at least one voice mail message a week and multiple pieces of mail on the same day begging her to give blood, even during the time period where she wouldn’t even be eligible to give blood again. The annoyance reached its peak when she got this message (MP3… yes, the Ping’s first audio entry!) [temporarily disabled]. Somebody needs to make a song out of that painfully desperate plea for blood.

Don’t get me wrong… I know that there are frequent blood shortages and that it’s very important for people to donate, but the constant barrage of reminders, pleas, and begging is getting to be a bit unwieldly. Honestly, it’s getting to the point where pleas for blood are as common as junk mail advertising “lower mortgage rates!”

And we can’t seem to find the opt-out box.

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