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April 8th, 2004

When Disaster Strikes

So, as you can see by Ryan’s note at left, we had a bit of an outage here at Ping World Headquarters. Our squirrels, who power the webservers, left for an early 5-day Easter weekend and told no one.

But that made me think of another type of disaster that doesn’t involve squirrels: someone coming into your bathroom stall when you’re inside.

I’ve had this happen to me twice and both times, I’ve totally freaked out. What do you say? What do you do? I know that both times about all I could muster was covering everything that needed to be covered (quickly) and saying, “Hey! Heeeyyyy!”

So you can imagine my delight when, earlier this week, a bathroom visit nearly became a party. I was occupied, and someone had just left the bathroom. Suddenly, the door to my stall started to swing open… but no one was behind it. It was just opening thanks to an inferior door lock. It also made me wish for remote-controlled stall door locks. Think about it: you flush, it locks.

Walking in on someone? That’s a disaster.

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