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April 25th, 2004

The Barn Door’s Open

One of the most difficult subjects to breach with someone you know (or don’t know) is the fact that the “barn door is open.” After all, who enjoys realizing that their fly is down? It’s embarassing.

If it’s someone you know, it’s a little easier since you can pull them aside and tell them in a joking manner about their oversight, but if it’s someone you don’t, is there really a good way to approach the matter? Yesterday, a guy was doing some work in our yard and came to talk to us. As he was talking, I couldn’t help but notice that things must be really breezy for him. But this wasn’t the type of guy I could jokingly tell to “close the door,” so I just listened uncomfortably as he talked, zipper all the way down.

How do you bring up this most difficult of subjects? Do you have any favorite phrases or methods?

Next week: telling someone they have a piece of food on their face.

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