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April 28th, 2004


Back when I was a kid, my favorite chocolate was white chocolate (can you imagine?) and my least favorite candy was – easily – Sno-Caps. My mom absolutely loved Sno-Caps, and would always offer me some at the movies… but taking some wasn’t going to happen.

I was kind of curious as to why I hated them so very much. Last week at my in-laws, a box of Sno-Caps was unleashed for sharing amongst everyone. So I gave one a shot and, you know, they aren’t that bad. Certainly not my favorite candy ever, but definitely respectable.

And as for white chocolate… I can’t stand the stuff now. Dark chocolate all the way.

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FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday April 28, 2004 -- 9:19:10 am
Ah... nonpareils... I wonder if there are any sugar free ones out there.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Wednesday April 28, 2004 -- 10:37:14 am
Why go for the mediocre Sno-Caps at the movies when you have things like Milk Duds and Raisenettes available? Sno-Caps are definitely one of those staples in the refreshment stand case though.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday April 28, 2004 -- 1:07:53 pm
Junior Mints, baby. Junior Mints.

FROM: dave
DATE: Wednesday April 28, 2004 -- 7:43:24 pm
It's not a real moviegoig experience without Sno-Caps - sadly, they're getting scarcer at movie theaters lately.

And Greg, remember what Bart Simpson says about Milk Duds - something like "sweet on the outside, poison on the inside."

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday April 28, 2004 -- 7:54:34 pm
Lindor truffles all the way until death. You know a piece of chocolate's really rich when I can't eat more than five at a time.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday April 28, 2004 -- 7:54:59 pm
Sno Caps and Gummi Bears are the only candy I ever consider purchasing at the movies.

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday April 28, 2004 -- 8:15:05 pm
Robert, you couldn't be more correct! I buy a big bag at Christmas to give out with gifts, and eat all the milk chocolate ones myself. Mmmmm, chocolatey goodness.....

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Thursday April 29, 2004 -- 1:08:46 am
Sweettarts and M&M peanuts. yum!

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday April 29, 2004 -- 9:55:57 am
I bring my own candy to the movies - much cheaper that way.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday May 3, 2004 -- 1:06:51 pm
Raisinettes! RAISINETTES!

When I was a kid I wouldn't get near 'em. Now, I think they're the best at movies. I still don't even really like plain raisins. Even the fancy Raisinettes rule--like the Sun-Maid kind (sold at Blockbuster). Oh Yeah!

I'm a big fan of Milk Duds, as well. Problem is, you have to get them at Halloween to be sure they're fresh. Duds get hard pretty quick when sitting on the store shelf. Nothing worse than hard Dud. Duds may be number one on my list over raisinettes but for the freshness issue.

When I was a kid non-pareils were my fave. I never had Sno-Caps though. I didn't like to waste my time with chocolate chip sized non-pereils. Gotta have full size, baby! The movies around here have the full-size non-pareils in with the bulk candies and they are always readily available.

FROM: Mr. Rolo Tomasi
DATE: Tuesday May 4, 2004 -- 2:49:19 pm
Sno-caps suck! By the way, YOU suck!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday May 4, 2004 -- 3:05:12 pm
Sno-caps suck! By the way, YOU suck!

"Why, I'm so enamored with myself that I'll put nearly the same comment in four different Pings using different names! Brilliant!"

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday May 5, 2004 -- 9:53:05 am
Mr. Rolo Tomasi: a.k.a. Beavis. Just add the grunty laughter and it sounds about right.

By the way, thanks to this ping, I'm going to buy some Sno-Caps.

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