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April 30th, 2004

Dot Com Guy, Four Years Later

Hey, remember Dot Com Guy? Ryan felt he was pretty stupid back in 2000, and I can’t say I disagreed.

The funny thing is that he’s now – now! – going back to his regular name. Check out this marketingese-filled page explaining the decision. Plus, you can buy the trademark. Imagine: a whole life filled with associations of silly business plans and even sillier publicity stunts!

It would make the perfect Christmas gift this year. What’s that? It’ll be gone by Christmas? I don’t think so.

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday April 30, 2004 -- 1:01:27 pm
The funniest thing would be if a judge denied his request to legally change his name back, forcing him to keep the "dotcomguy" name.

The funniest thing is reading that page, trying to sell the name. Yeah, DotComGuy is notorious, alright. Notoriously STUPID.

I start the bidding at one wooden nickel.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday April 30, 2004 -- 1:02:07 pm
(whoops...I used the phrase "the funniest thing" too many times...isn't that the funniest thing?)

(I need to stop drinking during the daytime...)

DATE: Friday April 30, 2004 -- 1:36:34 pm
Confirms my belief that some people will do anything to get noticed.

DATE: Friday April 30, 2004 -- 4:46:43 pm

DATE: Friday April 30, 2004 -- 4:46:44 pm

FROM: me
DATE: Thursday May 27, 2004 -- 8:57:00 pm

FROM: Dianna and Logan
DATE: Tuesday September 28, 2004 -- 12:31:07 am
We remember watching the dot com guy and thinking it was kinda neat. I mean, we would log on and see what he was doing, see what the cats or dog was doing and watch the live partys and stuff. It was just something else to do while online......

FROM: mithuxin
DATE: Friday February 11, 2005 -- 9:32:51 am
i went to join a long time record to internet

DATE: Wednesday February 16, 2005 -- 4:34:25 pm
kind of neat? At the time I thought that was stupidiest thing I ever heard, I still do. I mean: why?!??!?!? Get a life!

FROM: Marija
DATE: Saturday February 25, 2006 -- 2:48:49 pm
hi i know the dotcomguy from my english book...and we all like was sure funny...okay bye

FROM: victoria
DATE: Tuesday May 2, 2006 -- 2:51:03 pm
i'm thinking this guy is still a ,ummm ,a virgin.

FROM: Kate
DATE: Sunday July 16, 2006 -- 11:05:05 pm
Well, at the time, it was pretty cool, I mean whoda thunk you could do all that stuff over the internet? Order food/furniture, etc...he went in the house with absolutely nothing...just his computer....furnished, clothed, and fed himself strictly off the internet, including organizing his parties. We've come a long way baby! Back then it was cool.

darren September 1, 2006, 11:04 pm

Dotcomguy was excellent it was like big brother only for a whole year the only downside to it was that broadband speeds were not up to much at that point so streaming was almost impossible but now i think it should be re-done i would gladly do it 🙂

THE COOKIMAKER September 2, 2010, 8:29 am

I think it was a very interesting experiment in 2000.
But today it’s normal to order thinks in the Internet.
I thinke he was verv craisy and I won’t do this.

iMusix January 21, 2011, 1:39 pm

Well, he achieved his goal of being noticed… i mean he’s and an article about him stands in my schoolbook for some reason…

Rosie March 8, 2011, 5:39 pm

I **LOVED** DotComGuy ‘back in the day’! I was mostly homebound due to illness and even though he didn’t really talk to us (viewers) that much, he became like, my neighbor. No! I’m not a nut job I was sick. I was stuck at home. and I was pretty new to the Internet as a whole. I would check in on DCG in the morning, again sometime in the afternoon, and I would join his evening chats. After he’d been there for a long while though, it became less interesting to me because he was having a lot of events, parties, etc.. Not that one shouldn’t socialize, but how hard is your project when you just have all your friends come to your place.

Anyhoo… I really loved DotComGuy’s experiment and aside from the things everyone thinks is stupid, his project and point were interesting and cutting edge for the time.

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