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May 30th, 2004

Right Wing v. Left Wing

The other night before bed, I came up with this great idea that I think will help solve political differences in America.

The concept is simple. The Democrats will put together a band – a rock band. They’ll call themselves “Right Wing” in a show of great irony. They’ll write songs about freedom and how much the PATRIOT Act stinks, and the like. They’ll become famous.

In retort, the Republicans will put together a band called “Left Wing.” They too will write songs about freedom, and issues such as doing what’s right. They’ll become famous.

The fame of both bands will lead to a large showdown at Madison Square Garden: Right Wing versus Left Wing. The best aspect of the situation is that Republicans will be cheering for Left Wing, and the Democrats will be cheering for Right Wing, proving that we can all just get along… so long as we can rock out!

I think it’ll work.

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