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May 29th, 2004

Impressed by Spam Blocking

I was surprised the other day when a piece of e-mail that looked to be legitimate found its way to my “Probably Spam” folder. With near 100% accuracy, this rarely happens.

The letter I received was in Vietnamese. No, I’m not Vietnamese and I can’t read very much Vietnamese, but my wife is and I do have a few web pages out there on the InterWeb that occasionally draw a response from Vietnamese visitors. So when my mother-in-law called the other day, she and my wife worked out the translation to the letter so I could find out what it was all about (the links in the e-mail didn’t provide much help). As it turns out, the e-mail was touting palm reading services and was essentially spam.

So, I’ve got to say to you, PopFile, you recognized a foreign language e-mail as spam with your amazing Bayesian filtering, even when I couldn’t tell by looking at it. Well done!

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