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June 4th, 2004

Andy Gets Arrested

I must say, it was bizarre to read that Andy Keaton was little arrested for DUI. When asked by a cop if he’d been drinking, his response was, “Plenty.” Nice.

The more amazing thing, though, is that Alexander Rozhenko lives just 30 miles or so northwest of me in Boulder!

Oh, Andy.

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FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday June 4, 2004 -- 7:58:31 am
Wow, this wasn't even his first time getting busted. What a shame. Someone call Michael J. Fox to lead the intervention.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday June 4, 2004 -- 11:34:29 am
See what happens when you fail in radio? You might be writing about me next if I get fired one more time..

FROM: jk
DATE: Friday June 4, 2004 -- 12:38:35 pm
Hmmmm, my neurons are mis-firing today. My brain interpreted the headline here as "Michael Keaton." I think I need a whole week off. But not to go drinking, nosirreeee.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday June 4, 2004 -- 4:44:26 pm
I always hated that dufus anyway. I remember him on prime time, Alex sitting him on his lap and teaching him to recite the Preamble, the Bill of Rights, or maybe it was the federal tax code, I can't remember. What I do remember is that it was sooooooo contrived for cheap cuteness, the rest of the writing staff went on vacation. And you know it was for saccharine cute ratings because the little bastard couldn't act either. Blecccchhhh! I would just sit there and wait for Night Court and Cheers!

The Oliver comparison is dead on. I remember in days before the internet, I was the only one who remembered Oliver. When I asked my friends if anyone remembered that little brat named Oliver who ruined the Brady Bunch, they looked at me the same strange way they did when I asked them if they remembered Choco-Lite. They think I make this stuff up!

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