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June 16th, 2004

Flush It

A while back, Ryan changed the purpose of the Ping by writing his infamous How to Unclog a Toilet. The beauty of it is that the comments have taken a turn for the curious, with one of the latest involving a person flushing moldy meatballs down the toilet.

That made me think of my childhood. We didn’t have moldy meatballs, but we did have a toilet – and I was taught that (nearly) anything that was bad, and water soluable, was to be flushed. For instance: pills. If you find expired medicine, flush it. I also remember flushing uneaten cereal and milk, which seems really odd to me now.

So a while ago, when my wife and I started living together, she was surprised that I was randomly flushing expired pills down the toilet. I explained though that this was how I was taught to dispose of them. Her reasonable response was, “But that goes into the water supply!”

Is there anyone out there that was told to flush almost anything? Or is it strictly a Bohemian thing?

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