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June 17th, 2004

Free yourself from parking tickets

I’ve been hearings ads on the radio for for a few weeks now. They offer a 100% guarantee that they can help you beat your parking ticket.

My question: then why do they have a “Pay Your Parking Ticket” link on the front page?

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FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday June 17, 2004 -- 9:37:42 am

I cannot park at a meter. I am the Queen of Parking Tickets, but I am fortunately also the Friar of knowing where Free Parking can be found.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday June 17, 2004 -- 9:54:31 am
The combined costumes of being both a Queen and a Friar must be veeeery interesting. ;)

Same here, I don't like Parking Meters one bit. Nothing worse than trying to finish up a meal quickly so you don't have to run out to the meter again and feed it some more quarters. Annoying.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday June 17, 2004 -- 12:52:31 pm
My favorite meters are the ones that take your only quarter and don't register any time. What a scam. There is no incentive for a city to repair a broken meter. I've never even heard of any city actually being willing to dispute parking tickets. Just pay them before they get really high, I always say. $10 turns to $60 in about ninety days.

FROM: Rafael
DATE: Thursday June 17, 2004 -- 2:06:13 pm
That is one of the major reasons I don't like to drive into the city, you go around in circles trying to find a parking spot, then you constantly have to run out to feed it coins.

NOW all mayor cities can learn from Montreal. Now you can pay the parking meter or add time to it by using coins or credit cards, all done wireless and you don’t even have to run out to your car…way cool.

FROM: Kate
DATE: Thursday June 17, 2004 -- 10:32:19 pm
They probably have that link for the people that were actually looking to pay it, but instead of Google-searching, they typed the first URL that made sense.

Colleges have to be the worst places for parking tickets that I've seen. I'm sure big cities are the same.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday June 18, 2004 -- 9:17:56 am
Enforcement on college campuses is much stiffer that in cities--what with all the work study kids who get stuck with parking meter detail after all the good "jobs" have been given out.

The good thing about college campuses is, unless you are a student, they really can't do anything to make you pay for a one time offense. But if you are a repeat offender, look out for the Denver boot. I remember in college being shocked to see that a friend of a friend was driving around with a Denver boot in his trunk that he sawed off of his car when he parked illegally on campus (again). I don't know how that one turned out, but I think he had to make up some story about the car being stolen and may have even gone so far as to file a police report. The car was a piece of junk, so at least there was no insurance fraud to boot--get it?

FROM: Tuttle
DATE: Monday June 21, 2004 -- 1:28:49 pm
A good way to park anywhere for a limited amount of time is to invest in my lightweight plastic Faux Denver Boot - just park, attach to front wheel and the police will leave your car alone for hours.

DATE: Wednesday July 7, 2004 -- 5:07:50 pm
Is it possible to remove a Denver boot on your own??

DATE: Sunday May 22, 2005 -- 1:22:34 am
Old post I see, but I came across the site during a search for info on fighting parking tickets. I came back here to post a link that others may find useful when trying to fight parking tickets yourself.

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