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August 13th, 2004

A Search I Like

When I search on the InterwebNetonline, I like to have two options: basic search which searches everything possible and an advanced search that allows me to get super granular. One advanced search site that I really like is NPR’s archive page.

It works from the assumption that you heard something on the radio and you want to hear it again or find out more. While most sites that try to assume things like this usually assume incorrectly, NPR gets it just right. I heard an interview this week on the way home with an author that talked about how he could only write in one very specific area of his home. So in the search box I put simply, “writing.” Then, I narrowed it down by saying that I had heard the story this week on All Things Considered (which I knew since I heard it on the way home from work). And sure as rain, the one result was the one I was looking for.

Yay, NPR’s web team.

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