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October 29th, 2006


I had a hankering for an Oreo a week or so ago and stopped off at Safeway to procure myself a package. As I tend to do when I’m Oreo shopping, though, I browsed the shelves for new and exciting flavors. My attention fell to the store brand Oreo called Tuxedos. This package was not only double stuf–er, “double stack”–but had white and pink colored creme. “Ah,” I thought, “Must be like those Halloween Oreos. Maybe these are left over from Valentine’s Day or something.”

I bought the package (cheap! lots of crappy ingredients!) and tried one shortly after getting out to my car. My first bite was quite a surprise because not only did it have the standard Oreo flavor, there was strawberry in there! I did a double take and re-checked the package. Sure enough, these were actually labeled as Neapolitan – honest-to-God, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry double-stuf Oreo-like cookies. From Safeway! The new leader in Oreo imitators!

The flavor took a little getting used to, but by the end of the package I had developed quite an affinity for these little beasts. I don’t hesitate to recommend them.

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