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August 19th, 2004

LOL has replaced heh

Back in the “old days” when I was typing and wanted to indicate that something was kind of funny, worth a small laugh, I’d type “heh.” As in, “I ran into this guy I know and he was missing a nipple… heh…”

But these days, “the kids” seem to have replaced “heh” with “LOL.” I mean, c’mon, does everything make these youngsters laugh out loud? Look no further than the most recently dumb-assed Ping to see plenty of examples (Samantha on March 17, 2004; Ashley on April 8, 2004; Krystan on July 30, 2004). Really, does Krystan really mean “lol” after realizing that she and the Olsen twins have the same last name? It’s barely worth a :), let alone a LOL.

Before you know it, the whippersnappers will be ROTFLTAO.

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FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 19, 2004 -- 12:45:24 pm
Ya know, I don't know anyone other than you who ever used "heh."

Until later, I'm LMFAO.

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday August 19, 2004 -- 1:44:40 pm
I use "hmmph" a lot, and so does my mom. We often say it at the precisely same moment. If you ever watch Gilmore Girls, you will see that Lauren Graham is a classic hmmph-er.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Thursday August 19, 2004 -- 4:46:44 pm
I don't think I ever use heh in email - I use it frequently in IM though - but generally in response to something funny that was said to me. I use LOL when marking my own humor.

FROM: Mario500 [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 19, 2004 -- 4:54:47 pm
I prefer "laughter" to Internet abbreviations.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 19, 2004 -- 5:03:13 pm
I've always preferred "heh" to "hehe," "heehee," or "ha ha." Call me crazy.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 19, 2004 -- 6:04:14 pm
Crazy! I've always been a fan of a simple "ha!"

FROM: Andy
DATE: Thursday August 19, 2004 -- 6:21:14 pm
I got the impression that the deli at my grocery store thought that all cheese was funny because the labels on the packages in my fridge said "Brick LOL" or "Colby LOL", but my wife informs me that she prefers buying Land O' Lakes cheese.


FROM: Aaron [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 19, 2004 -- 7:18:17 pm
Don't forget the old-school ""!

FROM: Chipper the Squirrel
DATE: Thursday August 19, 2004 -- 9:21:35 pm
If it's not funny on it's own, don't set it off with any stupid acronyms to point out how funny it is supposed to be.

FROM: malteck1
DATE: Friday August 20, 2004 -- 4:08:48 am
The "Chipper" has a point!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday August 20, 2004 -- 9:38:34 am
Incidentally, Aaron's comment above referred to <g>, an old favorite.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday August 20, 2004 -- 2:02:49 pm
I've seen hehehe. I've always hated that, but I think it's used mainly when someone wants to suggest something that's funny in a clever way.

Heh is something I've always thought was derived from a sound that is often made to tell someone that something really wasn't funny even though it was meant to be funny. It's a sarcastic laugh: the kind you give after someone tells a really stupid/annoying joke.

LOL: that was new to me. I finally had to have that one explained to me a while back. Once LOL became generally used, the old HA HA disappeared.

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