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August 19th, 2004

LOL has replaced heh

Back in the “old days” when I was typing and wanted to indicate that something was kind of funny, worth a small laugh, I’d type “heh.” As in, “I ran into this guy I know and he was missing a nipple… heh…”

But these days, “the kids” seem to have replaced “heh” with “LOL.” I mean, c’mon, does everything make these youngsters laugh out loud? Look no further than the most recently dumb-assed Ping to see plenty of examples (Samantha on March 17, 2004; Ashley on April 8, 2004; Krystan on July 30, 2004). Really, does Krystan really mean “lol” after realizing that she and the Olsen twins have the same last name? It’s barely worth a :), let alone a LOL.

Before you know it, the whippersnappers will be ROTFLTAO.

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