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August 20th, 2004

How Many Shoes

While I don’t need dozens of pairs of shoes, sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough. Right now, I have six pairs: brown and black business casual, black formal, sneakers, sandals, and boots.

Is that low? It sometimes feels like it. I did know someone once who had about twenty pairs. That? That’s a lot.

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Friday August 20, 2004 -- 7:47:59 am
That sound about right . I've got 3 pairs of dress shoes, 2 pairs of sneakers (one of which is designated for yard work) a pair of sandals, and a pair of boots. I thin any more than that and a guy crosses the line into metrosexuality ;)

FROM: Cat [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday August 20, 2004 -- 10:41:27 am

Everyday loafers
Slip on sneakers
Flip Flops
All stars

Yep, fewer shoes than Paul. And my husband just has sneakers, boots, and dress shoes.

FROM: Rafael
DATE: Friday August 20, 2004 -- 12:21:36 pm
Man I never realized I had that many shoes…OMG, I’m a shoe whore! But I can’t help myself some shoe designers come out with the coolest shoes…GBX, Sketcher’s, Fila just to mention a few of my favorites.

Pair Type
------- -----------------------------------
1 Bathroom slippers
1 Yard shoes
1 Gym shoes
2 Biking shoes
2 Hiking boots
2 Work boots
8 Dress shoes, different color/cut/style
16 Casual shoes, different color/cut/style for different look at the office
8 Sneakers

I should seek consoling immediately or attend SA (Shoe Anonymous) meetings!

FROM: Mario500 [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday August 20, 2004 -- 12:43:05 pm
I'm minus -9 pairs of shoes compared to whoever owns 20 pairs.

1 Pair of Slippers
5 Tennis Shoes
2 Sandals
1 "Slip On"
1 Sunday Pair
1 Pair of Boots

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday August 20, 2004 -- 1:53:28 pm
Don't ask--I've got too many. I've recently made a discovery, however. Since most of my shoes are in boxes since the move, and unlikely to be unpacked any time soon, I've managed to get by one two brown dress pairs, two black dress pairs and one pair of black house shoes (Doc Martin's with no laces) and one pair of Rockport ankle boots with a lug sole for everything else. No sneakers. I could have gotten away with just one pair each of the dress shoes, but I lost a pair of each somewhere in this friggin' mess I call a home.

FROM: b.bradford
DATE: Friday August 20, 2004 -- 1:53:53 pm
we dont use shoes at all anymore, but insead use the shoeboxes that other people throw away for foot coverings----works for us!!

FROM: Monica
DATE: Friday August 20, 2004 -- 2:16:38 pm
I know a girl who says she has more than 100 pairs of shoes. As one of those people who seems to buy a new outfit for every occasion, I believe her.
I have 11 pairs of shoes. And I can only see myself maybe getting rid of one pair. That's kind of bad, that I think I *need* 10 pairs :-P

FROM: jk
DATE: Friday August 20, 2004 -- 8:53:22 pm
I am probably somewhere in the vicinity of 30 pairs or so. I don't spend a lot on shoes though; may I suggest Marshall's or TJ Maxx for good deals? I have even bought cool clogs at K Mart that everyone admires!! And I have no problem telling them that's where I bought them. I am proud of my thriftiness.

FROM: aharris
DATE: Sunday August 22, 2004 -- 4:36:57 am
Oh please. I have five pairs of Pumas alone! It's sickness, I know. I need help. I think in my hey day I've topped 40 or so pairs. But don't get me wrong. I'm not buying Manolos or anything. Many of them are of the Tar-jay variety w/ a couple pairs of high-priced sneakers thrown in for variety.

Next you'll be asking me how many peripherals I have! Don't get me started... ;)

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday August 23, 2004 -- 12:52:16 pm

Marshall's and TJ Maxx rule!!

FROM: jk
DATE: Monday August 23, 2004 -- 1:55:17 pm
Yes, yes they do! If you can stop in on a regular basis and shop with an open mind, you can find some great things. We could devote an entire Ping to the variety of items they carry!!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday August 23, 2004 -- 5:02:47 pm
I've been meaning to reply to this. My count:

  • 1 pair of "regular" shoes (not-too-expensive cross-trainer sneakers for every day use)

  • 1 pair of dress shoes (for use with suit)

  • 1 pair of slightly less dressy shoes, good for use with khakis (which is considered "semi-dressy" attire by my standards)

  • 1 pair of running shoes

  • 2 pair of racquetball shoes (no, I don't play that much racquetball)

  • any remaining shoes (generally "regular" shoes that are beyond their useful period) are used as "lawn mowing" or "farm" shoes... ones that can get infinitely dirty and remain useable as long as they don't get holes

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Saturday August 28, 2004 -- 11:01:44 pm
I have 15 pairs (each a different color, of course) of Converse All Stars. All together, I have probably 40 pairs of shoes. It doesn't seem excessive at all to me.

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