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August 21st, 2004

The Most You’ve Ever Spent…

Follow my lead. The most you’ve ever spent on a … is:

  1. CD (me: I honestly don’t know, but it’s probably not as high as you’d think)
  2. DVD ($120 for the Limited Edition Freaks and Geeks set)
  3. Car (doesn’t count for me since I’ve only bought one car)
  4. Meal (about $60 or $70 for two at a place… one that used to be a church, I think… in Atlanta)
  5. Drink (since I don’t really drink, I’ll count the $150/lb. white tea I’ve bought… only 2 ounces, though)
  6. Movie ticket ($10 in 1997 in New York City to see the godawful The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation)
  7. Gallon of gasoline (~$2 for 87 octane, a couple months ago)
  8. Computer ($3000 for my Pentium 90 in 1995 which, now, I probably couldn’t give away)
  9. Hotel room (Personally, I’ve never paid more than $80 a night, but my company’s paid over $200 a night for business trips)

Feel free to add your own.

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday August 21, 2004 -- 7:59:01 am
Football ticket: $210 -- Last November to see the Eagles thump the Dallas Cowboys at the (then) new Lincoln Financial Field. FREEZING cold game, but worth the price, cause we beat the Cowboys, right Ryan? ;p

Computer: $2200 for an Acer Pentium 133Mhz. I still remember the quote from my buddy Rob: "You have a 1.2 Gig Hard Drive? What are you gonna do with all that space?" I think we can all be embarrassed with how much we spent on our first computer.

Hotel Room: $185. Penns View Hotel, Philadelphia. Wonderful room, with fireplace and jacuzzi tub, that I shared with my girlfriend for my birthday. Very romantic.

Movie Ticket: $10 in New York (where else?) to see Star Wars II. To be honest, it was more to see the freak show that lined up for days to be the first. Well worth the price for the laughs.

FROM: dave
DATE: Saturday August 21, 2004 -- 8:31:55 am
Clothing repair: $120. Ripped my sport coat on a badly-filed door latch, the tailor took two weeks to fix it.

Hotel Room: $195. The Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City, our "undisclosed location" after our wedding. We got bumped up to the concierge level when we told the guy at registration we were just married. Probably a $500 room normally.

Meal: $110. At the Delmonico Steakhouse (Emeril Lagasse's restaurant) in Vegas

Drink: $15 for a Singapore Sling at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, where the drink was invented

Dress shirt: $40...I absolutely will not pay more than this. I see $200 dress shirts in Tyson's Galleria and I think to myself: 90% of that is covered by your jacket anyway, what's the point?

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday August 21, 2004 -- 9:01:32 am
Last night I paid, online, $8.50 for a movie I'm going to see in another state tonight--provided I can make it. That felt strange.

I've never paid more than $7 for booze, but my older brother bought me Jaeger and Red Bull for $10 at some shitty bar (actually called "Bar") in Atlanta.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday August 21, 2004 -- 9:18:15 am
Computer - Showing my age here - my first PC was a little over $2000, for a 18 MHZ 386 with a 120MB HD, IIRC. This was pre-Windows.

Hotel - The Safari Lodge at Disney had to be over $200 a night last year - but I bought a package deal with tickets, meals etc enclosed and differential calculus would be required to extract the actual room price.

Drink - Probably $10 martinis at Red Square in Vegas

Meal - A $400 lunch for 4 at some maffioso intalian place under one of the WTC buildings in NYC. - No menus were provided, you ate and drank what they brought you. Thankfully, that was an expense account lunch. When paying myself -I've drifted over $100 a few times on dinner for two.

Concert Ticket - $50 from a scalper for Van Halen back in the 80's.

FROM: Cat [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday August 21, 2004 -- 12:23:42 pm
CD: - $50 for a rare David Bridie CD.

DVD: - All the Star Trek seasons run around $120.

Meal: - $102 (in 1989) at the now defunct Atwaters, for a friend's birthday.

Hotel room - ~$250/night for a fancy-schmancy place in downtown Seattle. The name escapes me. It was wonderful.

Art - I think the most I've spent on a painting so far is $300 (I don't remember), I just wanted to add this to see what other folks spend.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Saturday August 21, 2004 -- 4:05:47 pm
there were some beautiful ceramics at the Art Fair on the Square in Madison last year, but they were going for so much... this year, Nick spotted a very simple contour drawing (ink on whatever paper) of an elephant--just an outline of the elephant--for $450. It wasn't bigger than 12x12 inches, including (including!!) the mat. That's too much.

Shoes: (boots) $270 and they're soooooo wonderful feeling and worth it!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday August 23, 2004 -- 11:30:53 am
(Just noticed that my hotel room amount was incorrect -- I've paid $200/night at a bed and breakfast before.)

FROM: Najeb
DATE: Monday October 4, 2004 -- 3:00:08 pm
CD- $56 on a rare Mozart Piano Concerto CD.

FROM: how much is spent [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday December 21, 2004 -- 10:06:23 am

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday December 21, 2004 -- 12:53:23 pm
Vet Bill: Just paid $376 on my girlfriend's mother's dog. It has a bladder infection and lyme disease. Add to that the $200 or so for antibiotics the $200 I had to spend on my dog (a pug) for the lyme disease test (negative, since both dogs live with us now) and the $1,000 worth of ruined furniture (sofa and day bed both succumbed to the bladder infection) and I've blown a buttload on a dog that I don't even like. I was supposed to get a new Pug puppy for Christmas, but instead I have a pain-in-the-butt lab/pit bull mix diseased sprinkler system. And giving pills to this dog, twice a day, is every joy it sounds like.

someone else's dog: see above

ruined furniture: see above

learning how to say no classes: not enough

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday December 21, 2004 -- 12:58:27 pm
Round of beers $120

Explanation: Score's nudie club in NYC, where Howard Stern gets his girls for the show. My friend got married on Long Island. His dad brought us all here for the bachelor party. The cast of SNL was there that night in the crowd. Beers were $10 each. It sucked. I'll never forget that the groom's dad got two or three lap dances, but only one for the bachelor. I can't imagine what it would be like to see my dad get a lap dance. It freaked me out. Needless to say, when it came time to give a wedding present, the round of beers was it. This was 1994. Beers at Score's are probably $20 each now.

wedding present see above

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday August 21, 2006 -- 11:07:49 am
Two years later:

  1. CD: $19.00, for R.E.M.'s Green. This was years ago, too, before that was a normal price.

  2. DVD: $15.00 or so, I think. I really don't buy many.

  3. Car: $22,000. Gah.

  4. Meal: Around $120 for two.

  5. Drink: Non-alcoholic since I don't drink much, but I believe I've paid $5 for a soda.

  6. Movie Ticket: $9.25.

  7. Gallon of gas: These are dated now. $3.35, I believe.

  8. Computer: Around $3,000 for a Pentium 100 back in the day.

  9. Hotel Room: $100-ish/night.

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