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August 30th, 2004

Liberal Return Policies

Now, I admit that some companies have really bad return policies. I think the entire “can’t return opened software or CDs” thing, for instance, is pretty crappy. But then there are a few companies on the other end of the spectrum: they’ve got amazing return policies.

Here are my three favorites:

  • Trader Joe’s. Most people who go to the supermarket really don’t need to return stuff often. But TJ’s goes above and beyond the call of duty: if you try something and just don’t like it, you can return it for a full credit or refund. One time I tried a hummus that wasn’t very good, returned it, and got me some delicious food that I’d had before. I like this policy because it encourages you to try new things – even if you don’t like ’em, you’re not out the cash.
  • Lands’ End. Unsurprising, since I do like their stuff. Their guarantee: “Guaranteed. Period.” They mean it. If something doesn’t stand up to the washer, you can return it. Goes well beyond just not liking a color or a fabric. As an added bonus, returns are accepted at most Sears stores – so no return shipping.
  • The Container Store. TCS has a very open policy. If ever you don’t like something, or it doesn’t meet your needs, return it. No receipt and you’ll get a store credit. Very nice.

These three are just a few examples. Got any more?

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FROM: Marilyn
DATE: Tuesday February 8, 2005 -- 11:30:17 am
LL Bean - Anytime, forever, especially, on their famous boots.

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