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August 31st, 2004

Non-Dairy Delights

For the lactose intolerant or those that abstain from dairy for other reasons, it’s a great time. There’s never been such a great selection of non-dairy desserts to choose from. Soy Delicious has a great line of ice creams (Cookie Avalanche rocks) and there are even generic brands (like Giant’s Dreamy Tofu line). But perhaps the best line of straight up non-dairy ice cream products is Tofutti’s.

They’ve got sandwiches called Cuties that come in incredibly a delicious Mint Chocolate Chip flavor as well as a blueberry swirl with vanilla wafers that will make your eyes roll back in your head. Their mint chocolate chip ice cream is also great and will easily satisfy the most discriminating mint chocolate chip fanatic (though it’s not green, if that matters to you). But then there are the Marry Me Bars, simple chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bars that may even be better than their dairy equivalent. My parents love these things and we had to make a special trip to the store to get them some when they last visited. (Pinger Matt also tried them last night.)

Do you have any favorite non-dairy desserts? Are you more of a sorbet type of person?

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