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November 2nd, 2007

A Funny Note from Halloween

I’m not a fan of Halloween anymore. It’s great for the kids though, and I’m also not going to rain on anyone’s parade if they’re totally into the holiday. That’s fine.

This year we had our usual assortment of kids – some really little, some older. But there were a lot of older kids who just weren’t wearing any costumes. (I’d like to know what’s up with that.) So as a rule, if a kid or kids came to get candy from us and their costume wasn’t obvious, we asked what they were.

I missed the best one, who arrived before I got home from work. He was just wearing a backpack, so my wife asked him what he was. “A college student.” Nice, slightly creative.

Another bunch of kids – probably around 13 or so – came up to our porch when I was there. No obvious costume. “What are you?” He lifted his jacket and pointed to his hoodie. “We’re Bears,” he said, referring to the Chicago Bears.

Except? His hoodie was red and black, the colors of the Chicago Bulls. Opps.

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