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September 15th, 2004


Today on the way into work, I got bumped. It wasn’t a screeching-tire-metal-on-metal type thing, but I did hear his tires skid a bit on the wet surface and then got a nice little jolt as I was sitting at a stop light.

I turned around and gave him the requisite “What the fu[dge]?” but this guy was totally clueless to the fact he had even bumped me. He was an older gentleman in a white Cadillac, distracted by something on his passenger seat. When I thought he was looking up, I put on my turn signal, expecting him to follow me over to the side of the road, but the light turned green and he just kept going.

I checked my bumper and there was only a light scuffmark on it, so he didn’t hit me terribly hard, but even at that slow speed it was enough to jolt me and make my neck a little achy.

Today, Hump Day has become Bump Day.

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