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April 10th, 2001

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Road signs we will never, ever ever see.

Road signs, one of those strangely ubiquitous symbols of Americana, have always interested me. The green color… (I’ve always thought it’d look snazzy on a car). The universal symbols, the legible font, the strange mixture of colors and fruit flavors… what’s not to like?

What’s great is that I’m not alone. Thanks to this little thing called the web, I’ve found a slew of sites devoted to road signs.

Road work signs: Signs suitable for downloading for creation in your own road signs (so long as you don’t need anything over 400×400 pixels.)

Manual of Traffic Signs: The basic stuff. The shapes, the colors, and what they all mean. Also, a very nice page on the costs involved: while a stop sign may cost $75, the overall price to replace it could run over $500!

Spanish no-overtaking signs: Okay, so they’re not American. Big deal. Check out these cool signs from Spain.

Signalfan: You can forgive the GeoCities usage and frames here. Great old signs – also lots of nifty stuff on traffic lights.

Highway Route Markers: Not only do you get a large dollop of international road signs, you get a bevy of U.S. ones as well. Nice. I think the ones from the 40s are superior to today’s.

SignMaker: Finally, this is badass. A Java app that lets you create your own road signs like the one above – fantastic stuff! And it’s free! -pm

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