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September 16th, 2004

Best Local Store Names

While large stores have anonymous names (Wal-Mart, Best Buy,) some small shops strive to make a mark by having fun and clever names. Here are my favorites; let’s have yours.

  • Curl Up and Dye: Easily the best name for a hair salon.
  • Dew Drop Inn: Unbeatably clever bar name.
  • Hot Doug’s: My favorite Chicago hot dog place.
  • Let’s Pet Puppies: So honest. So pure.

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FROM: Kate
DATE: Thursday September 16, 2004 -- 9:03:22 am
Assman's Furniture: You'll never forget a name like Assman's.
The Bat'n'Club: Batting cages and mini golf.
The Store: People must go there a lot.

FROM: Barbara
DATE: Thursday September 16, 2004 -- 11:04:16 am
What the pho?: A Vietnamese restaurant

FROM: Monica
DATE: Thursday September 16, 2004 -- 2:07:19 pm
"Man Trap Nails" for a nail salon. SCARY. I think it's in Latonsville, MD.
In Madison, there's "Ping Time," an arcade :-)

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday September 16, 2004 -- 4:23:41 pm
Barbara -- That's AWESOME!

This one's not a store, but a business: Peed Plumbing.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday September 16, 2004 -- 4:38:58 pm
Man Chu: Chinese restaurant
Curl Up and Dye: Isn't this a chain? I've seen this in every city I've lived in.
Irish Pub & Mexican Grub This was in Springfield, MA. It didn't stay around long--sounds more like a description under the name of a bar than the name itself. Seems like a good idea, though.

FROM: Greg C
DATE: Thursday September 16, 2004 -- 4:41:53 pm
Curl Up and Dye is a ripoff of a store depicted in The Blues Brothers, unless that was a real store (I doubt that, since it's the store Carrie Fisher did nails out of).

A few of my favorites:

Question Market
Burger Time (yes, it exists)
The Computer Store (very descriptive)
We Toss 'Em, They're Awesome (pizza)
Holy Grounds (Christian coffeehouse)

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday September 16, 2004 -- 5:17:36 pm
I "S" you not: There is a bar/liquor store in the New Castle area of Delaware named the "Kum on Inn".


FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday September 16, 2004 -- 5:34:52 pm
Curl Up and Dye is a ripoff of a store depicted in The Blues Brothers, unless that was a real store

Well, given that the store is in Chicago I suppose it's all right.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday September 16, 2004 -- 5:51:50 pm
There's a pet salon near me called the Barking Lot.

I don't like this name, but I must mention the Mexican restaurant in town called Nacho Mama's.

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Thursday September 16, 2004 -- 7:36:48 pm
Foody Goody - Chinese Restaraunt
Wok 'N Roll - another Chinese Restaraunt
Sexy Pets - I have no idea what this place was, it's been closed for about ten years but the name is still painted on the side of the building. Maybe bras for dogs?

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday September 16, 2004 -- 8:10:01 pm
MollyCule: Dogs are sexier bra-less.

FROM: fiona
DATE: Friday September 17, 2004 -- 12:51:04 am
In San Luis Obispo, Ca there is a Chineese restraunt next to the Palm Theater called Mee Hung Lo

FROM: TrishinOmaha
DATE: Friday September 17, 2004 -- 8:41:33 am
Just returned from a trip to the Deadwood-Lead, SD area. In Lead, there is a place called Pizza Lab...hmmmm...does this mean they experiment on Pizzas? Serve experimental pizzas? Don't know...we didn't go there. Also, down South I believe is a chain of fast food places called "Squat and Gobble" ish...does that give a mental picture or what?

Have a great Friday, everyone :-)!

Trish in Omaha

FROM: amy
DATE: Friday September 17, 2004 -- 1:48:16 pm
There was a store in an anonymous strip mall in Southern California called Stamp-A-Doodle-Doo - No, it's not really that clever, but how cool would it be to work there specifically so you could answer the phone "Stamp-A-Doodle-Doo, how can I help YOU?"... Okay, that one might get old after a day or so, but I didn't say you had to make it a career...

FROM: redgotee
DATE: Friday September 17, 2004 -- 2:29:33 pm
easily the best store name I've seen, and I've got pics to prove it is it Pittsburgh. Condom Nation... I'll give ya 3 guesses what they sell there. (i don't even think that the Pittsburgh moral majority even complains, cuz they refer to it as Condemnation)

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday September 17, 2004 -- 5:07:59 pm
Mustard's Last Stand- some sort of hot-dog place in Denver

E Pluribus Ummm- a stand at the MCI center in DC.

Fill Up Buster- Also located at MCI center

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday September 18, 2004 -- 9:30:38 am
Aw, Mustard's! Good call, Matt.

Some t-shirts available there even have hot dogs with "defeated" mustard squeeze bottles laying next to them.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday September 18, 2004 -- 8:40:23 pm
Matt: Don't forget the Thrist Amendment, also at the MCI Center.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday September 20, 2004 -- 4:59:56 pm
I don't know if Condom Nation is a chain, but there were stores of the same name and merchandise (as far as I could tell looking through the window, of course) in New Orleans, LA, Boston, MA and Portland, ME.

FROM: in2it
DATE: Monday September 27, 2004 -- 6:41:17 pm
80% Straight – Sex Gear Store in Hawaii
Back Door – Bar in Vegas (yup, it’s a gay bar)
Triple DDD Bending : 31 years of bending experience. Steel, pipe rolling, bending of all sections, in Seattle
House of Kleen –Cleaners in Seattle

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Thursday September 30, 2004 -- 8:09:01 pm
I forgot about the Small Tool Company in Euclid, OH.

FROM: camper man levi$$$$
DATE: Wednesday November 3, 2004 -- 2:28:26 pm
rat pack. sprting goods and all that.

FROM: Jippy
DATE: Thursday November 4, 2004 -- 12:12:20 am
Poochie Styles - in Philadelphia!!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday November 4, 2004 -- 9:34:57 am
Cards, Gifts, Smokes: Springfield, Ma. Guess what they sell?

MollyCule: I grew up in Euclid. Are you from there, too?

FROM: Michelle
DATE: Thursday November 11, 2004 -- 3:52:24 pm
Best Lil Hair House - a hair solon in Fountain Valley, CA

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday November 11, 2004 -- 11:16:22 pm
Clutch n Go in Lancaster PA.

FROM: chris
DATE: Friday November 19, 2004 -- 1:48:43 pm
sexy pets is still open molly. its a pet supply warehouse for pet stores.

DATE: Friday November 26, 2004 -- 8:45:21 am

FROM: Meredith
DATE: Monday January 31, 2005 -- 11:58:47 am
Chicago here too, and the best name for a hardware store goes to the Crafty Beaver.

DATE: Thursday April 21, 2005 -- 6:41:19 pm
There was a chicken restaurant in Trenton, NJ (I don't know if it's still there) called "Cluck U' Chicken"

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday April 21, 2005 -- 9:46:26 pm
I passed a truck the other day for Leeking Plumbing. (yes, spelled like that.)

FROM: Tran
DATE: Wednesday January 11, 2006 -- 3:35:30 am
i work at a nail salon called Get' Nailed.. its kinda funny cause we're in "Boys Town" a "Gay" neighborhood.. and down the street there is a hair salon called Great Head... hahah

FROM: patricia rayas
DATE: Tuesday January 24, 2006 -- 6:06:26 pm
i dont know but your not helping me none

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday January 24, 2006 -- 10:43:18 pm
i [sic] dont [sic] know but your [sic] not helping me none

That's a double negative so... we're glad we can help!

(Best local store name is still Curl Up and Dye.)

FROM: Helen
DATE: Friday January 27, 2006 -- 7:54:03 pm
Gay bar "The Man Hole"

FROM: Edward
DATE: Friday January 27, 2006 -- 9:41:06 pm
Amigone- A huge chain of funeral parlors in the Buffalo area.
Tin-Tin Rest- It's a chinese food restaurant in Buffalo that couldn't afford all of the letters for Restaurant. (Maybe someday)
"Bad Bernies Buildall" - #1 choice for the name of the company that would become HOME DEPOT. A little trivia for you all. I forgot what made them scratch that idea, but they did, thankfully.

FROM: Ardnaxela
DATE: Thursday February 9, 2006 -- 6:31:10 pm
gay bars? what the crap? Amigone as in i am gone...gotta switch up the letters in that, if I don't say so for myself. Gotta think of a name for a supermarket. I'm thinking Smarty mart...but then I would be stealing it from Kim Possible...haha!

FROM: Dane
DATE: Thursday February 9, 2006 -- 8:17:54 pm
In Kansas City, there is a small drug store in a fairly seedy part of town called, I kid you not, "Drugs 4 Less", complete with handpainted sign on the door. I have a friend who told me there also used to be a fried chicken place just up the road from it called "Git Yo Chicken", spelled exactly as I typed it.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday April 2, 2006 -- 7:48:41 pm
I was actually going to mention Git Yo' Chicken. There is also Go Chicken Go in KC. I've seen Tech9 going in there.

Also in Missouri (Ozark area) is a motel called "Big Dicks Halfway Inn"

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday April 3, 2006 -- 12:17:05 am
Another good one: In Newark, DE, there is a industral company of some sort.

Their name?


Two words: TOO EASY.

JUDY December 9, 2006, 2:04 pm


Lynne February 21, 2007, 9:02 pm

A sampling from Portland, Oregon & vicinity (No sales tax state)
– Phlatt Tires (rebuilt used tires)… Phlatt family sold after nearly 30 years
– Dr. Hertz, dentist (now retired, bought boat and sailed to Mexico)
– Ashes to Ashes (chimney service)
– Hairport (hair salon)
– Hair It Is (hair salon)
– Star Oilco… fueling around since 1936
– Dead Aunt Thelma’s Studio (recording studio)
– Geek Squad (computer techs)
– Beau Thai (restaurant)
– Ricejunkie (restaurant)
– Percasso Coffee (coffee stand)
– Andrea’s Perks (coffee stand)
– Beanarino’s (coffee stand)
– James Bean Cafe (restaurant)
– Den of Antiquity (antiques)

Remember “XXX” Root Beer? Here, one of the outlets was built in the shape of an old jug… and now houses an exotic mens club.

Old memories … locations forgotten
– An-T-Q’s (antique store)
– Dr Payne (dentist)
– Puckey’s Furniture (made mother think Pukey’s)
– Jazz Main (bar)
– Laugh Inn (lodging)

Traveller November 8, 2007, 3:53 am

Homo Erectus – a Belgian Gay Bar

John December 9, 2008, 5:15 am


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