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September 17th, 2004

Classic Cells

This one made its rounds a couple weeks ago, but is too cool to pass up mentioning here: The Pokia, an old-school phone handset that you can hook up to your cell. From the Batman-esque hotline model to the Bluetooth model that will make people do a double-take and almost certainly earn you a ticket to the mental ward, these heavy plastic handsets will take you back to the days of sitting in your room, stretching the phone from from your parents room, and talking to your crush of the day about what happened in English class. Or something.

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FROM: Greg C
DATE: Friday September 17, 2004 -- 12:54:54 pm
I suppose they make more money this way, but...

Why not just make it an adapter with an RJ11 plug? That way you could plug in any old handset you had lying around.

Just a thought.

One thing about a regular handset, you can hear better and the other party can hear you better.


FROM: Tony [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday September 22, 2004 -- 9:35:24 am
I dont know, I enjoy bringing back some memories, but my generation fails again. I am sad.

FROM: Rafael
DATE: Wednesday September 22, 2004 -- 11:44:53 am
OMG, this is nuts, who in their right mind would purchase something like this??? Well on the upside you woun't loose your phone 8-)

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