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October 11th, 2004

I Heart Hotwire

Ryan expressed his pleasurable experience with Priceline before, but I’ve got to say that Hotwire holds a special place in my heart.

I first decided to give Hotwire a shot on our trip out to Chicago for a visit in May. The hotels we got were great and at a very reasonable price – like the Crowne Plaza in Omaha (which is much better than one might imagine.) I kind of like the whole purchasing process too, which keeps the exact hotel name and location secret until you’ve completed your purchase. It’s like a game, but with real money! How great!

But it came through yesterday when for various reasons, we needed a hotel room just for the night – that same night. Hotwire said, “No problem.” As a result we got a very fine room at a very fine place for a nice, low price and saved $100. Nothing to sneeze at, for sure!

Now, about flights and rental cars… I can’t say I’ve used ’em for that. But for hotels, Hotwire is my favorite.

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