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October 15th, 2004

The Seavers Return

Just so you know, tomorrow night marks the return of the Seavers. That’s right, the cast of Growing Pains (which includes the annoying little girl added in the later seasons but does not include Leonardo DiCaprio) return to the ABC Family channel for a TV movie where the elder Seavers are planning on moving out of their house, but when the kids return, they don’t want to let it go. Carol’s pregnant and Chrissie wants to be a “rock star” (ugh). Joanna Kerns directs.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. And besides the staleness of the plot, there are two major things working against it: 1.) it’s shot on film (who wouldn’t rather see a style shot in the standard three-camera sitcom style?) and 2.) it has a soundtrack (goofy music in place of a studio audience? no thanks…).

Still, I’ll end up watching it, even though I fear it’s going to be as bad as this.

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FROM: cate
DATE: Friday October 15, 2004 -- 2:04:41 pm
oops, you forgot reason #3 why this is a train wreck waiting to happen: "Growing Pains"

What's next? A "Perfect Strangers" reunion movie? Because we're all dying to know what happened to Balki? A "My Two Dads" movie so we can see Stacy (I think that was her name) in the middle of another paternity quandry - this time involving her own child? A "Silver Spoons" movie where the Rickster is an unwashed recluse seeking love on the internet?

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday October 15, 2004 -- 3:42:23 pm
Prediction: It will earn the nickname we had for the show back when it originally aired: Groin Pains.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday October 15, 2004 -- 4:39:45 pm
Cate -- I personally would love to see every one of those reunions. :)

FROM: Greg
DATE: Friday October 15, 2004 -- 5:25:36 pm
Carol's pregnant again!?! In the show, she'd have to be in her late 50s! No doubt about it, this is a train wreck.

Cate: A Perfect Strangers reunion would be excellent. However, since they are no longer bachelors in a little apartment, the show might not be too good, such as in the later years of the show when they moved into the house.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday October 15, 2004 -- 8:13:54 pm
Greg -- Remember that Carol is the daughter. Maggie's the wife.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday October 15, 2004 -- 11:47:32 pm
The reunion from 2001 was nothing to cheer about.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday October 16, 2004 -- 8:46:10 am
I think the only problem with doing reunion shows in front of a studio audience is that it then just feels way forced.

I expect at least two more Growing Pains movies. But gosh darn it, work in Coach Lubbock!

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