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October 17th, 2004

The Return of the Seavers: A Report

I wasted a couple hours of my life last night watching the aforementioned Growing Pains movie. Yes, the writing stunk and the plot was straight of a book of cliches. And, yes, Chrissy’s character was even more annoying than when she was a little girl. There were some real dialogue groaners, too, generally of the blatanly self-referential type (“Mike, didn’t you learn anything in 166 episodes?” “We weren’t the perfect family, Carol. It seemed like every Tuesday night… between 8:30 and 9… that we had a lot of problems.”). But the acting itself was generally OK and the characters acted like you would have expected them to. However, there was one key point which absolutely ruined this whole stupid reunion:

The house they were selling, the one they’d spend 30 years in raising their kids, wasn’t their freaking house! I mean, seriously, it didn’t even bear a slight resemblance to the house we grew up watching them in in the 80s. How the heck can we suspend disbelief with an incontinuity like that? Would have really have been that hard to recreate the original set?

This is important folks. I want answers. I want names of people who screwed this up. Now!

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