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October 28th, 2004

First Thought of the Day

What was your very first thought when you woke up this morning?

Mine was, simply, “I’m going to have to have peanut butter and jelly for lunch today.”

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DATE: Thursday October 28, 2004 -- 8:12:16 am
"Are you kidding me? It can't be time to get up already!"

FROM: Chris
DATE: Thursday October 28, 2004 -- 8:47:54 am
My first thought was the same as my last thought last night.

I can't %&^% believe the Red Sox finally won The World Series.

I'm no longer a "long suffering" Red Sox fan. That title solely belongs to the Cubs now.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday October 28, 2004 -- 9:21:09 am
"Two minutes until the alarm goes off. Back to sleep."

FROM: Monica
DATE: Thursday October 28, 2004 -- 10:28:39 am
I thought I was up early and was thinking I'd have time to make lunch before going to work.
(I really wasn't up early because one of the cats had pushed the "daylight savings" button on the clock). ... decked out in red today. Yay BoSox!!!!!!!

FROM: cate
DATE: Thursday October 28, 2004 -- 11:03:33 am
i'm so embarassed to admit this, but my first thought was "why on this earth (or any other for that matter) do i have 'mambo #5' stuck in my head? i didn't even like that song when it was popular..."

FROM: Rafael
DATE: Thursday October 28, 2004 -- 11:04:42 am
"Man, that was one freaky dream..."

FROM: Joe Revees
DATE: Thursday October 28, 2004 -- 11:27:43 am
"I'm cold. I need to steal some covers back from Mrs. Revees, who is wrapped up in them like a burrito."

DATE: Thursday October 28, 2004 -- 11:30:55 am
"I wonder what today's ping will be..."

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday October 28, 2004 -- 9:25:26 pm
It's 5:15? Why did I wake up an hour and a half early? Breathe deeply and you'll fall back to sleep.....I really don't want to get up and use the bathroom but I guess I should...

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday October 29, 2004 -- 11:24:06 am
"What on earth is that smell?"

FROM: Kate
DATE: Friday October 29, 2004 -- 1:00:38 pm
What day is it? And where'd the ballroom go?

FROM: Mario500 [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday October 29, 2004 -- 4:47:34 pm
Once again, I missed WALA Channel 10's morning newscast and the first thing I hear is Judge Greg Mathis.

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