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October 27th, 2004

How do you picture people?

One thing that continues to amaze me, even after having been online for over 15 years (bow to my superiority), is how one can form an image of an online acquaintance based on their writing style and any basic clues in what they write. One blogger I read I imagine as an Indian female and have even had a dream where she appeared as such, but I really only know that she’s female and am pretty sure she’s not Indian and has never really said anything to indicate she is. But, everytime I read her blog, something in the back of my head projects the picture of an Indian woman talking.

Another blogger that writes primarily about web design I’ve pictured as a female in her late-30s. Turns out the blog is actually written by a man, but I got an imagine in my head based solely on the name of the blog which, truth be told, really doesn’t give any indication whatsoever. All this is going on behind the scenes without me really considering it consciously (until now).

Have you ever been really shocked when you’ve seen someone’s picture for the first time and it’s drastically different from how you imagined them? Does it “ruin” it for you?

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FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday October 27, 2004 -- 11:31:15 am
I was shocked when you weren't really blue in person.

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday October 27, 2004 -- 2:09:22 pm
I'm always way off on what people really look like. That's why I became a stalker.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Wednesday October 27, 2004 -- 3:57:00 pm
Wow - you were on the Internet before Al Gore even invented it!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday October 27, 2004 -- 4:56:43 pm
Describe in detail this dream in which the Indian female appeared to you, please. What time of day was it in the dream? Was she young, old, pretty? Was she nude? Did she make you randy, baby?

FROM: Austin
DATE: Wednesday October 27, 2004 -- 4:57:33 pm

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday October 27, 2004 -- 8:52:59 pm
When I worked for another company, there was a guy at our NYC office with the best phone voice....I never met him and from his name, I judged him to be Greek--dark, handsome, etc. I saw a photo of him finally and he was pasty white and so disappointed me.....

FROM: Alex
DATE: Thursday October 28, 2004 -- 1:49:43 pm
A dream world existing of only women bloggers - priceless

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