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November 3rd, 2004

I’ve got dirty, dirty chips

I don’t eat potato chips much anymore, except occasionally when they’re served with a meal at a restaurant. But now that I’ve found a chip that tastes significantly better than the average chip that’s a homonym for my nickname, and one that will kill me slightly less slowly, I’ve gotta say I’m infatuated with Dirty Chips. Their lightly salted chips actually taste like potatoes and are kettle cooked in peanut oil and are devoid of any nasty hydrogenated oils.

Has anyone else tried any of their other varieties? Are they as good?

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Wednesday November 3, 2004 -- 11:03:36 am
WTF? You spent all day yesterday as a poll worker and we get potato chips for the day's Ping?

FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday November 3, 2004 -- 11:41:55 am
Chris said it before I could.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday November 3, 2004 -- 11:44:21 am
I think Dirty Chips are Zapp's gone national. I went on and on about how good Zapp's chips are in a past Ping. I was introduced to Zapp's as a college student in New Orleans. Zapp's was/is a favorite local brand.

I have a feeling that Dirty Chips is Zapp's in a national brand form, mainly because the websites look the same, the size of the bags are the same, and the flavors, while different in name, basically line up the same, and the price is the same. You have to admit that there are huge similarities between the two ordering pages for Zapp's and Dirty Chips.

Dirty Chips suspiciously does not list address information that I've found. Perhaps if you still have the bag lying around you can tell me where they were made. If they were made in Gramercy, La, we've got match.

If we have a match, then I can highly recommend all flavors as truly excellent and different. My favorite is sour cream and creole onion, which is probably the simple sour cream and onion by Dirty's. All of the flavors, however, are really really good. Furthermore, if you really like Dirty's, you can go to Zapp's and try a few more inventive flavors. You can also get the "suprise me" flavor, which last time I ordered Zapp's turned out to be "Sizzlin' Steak." It really did taste like steak and potatoes. I was skeptical at first, and ended up eating the whole bag in about twenty minutes (and I don't even eat red meat).

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday November 3, 2004 -- 2:24:10 pm
Poll worker comments are over on my blog. :) I figured everyone's probably had their dose of politics for a while, so I wanted to bring up potato chips... something we can all agree on.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday November 3, 2004 -- 6:10:07 pm
I figured everyone's probably had their dose of politics for a while, so I wanted to bring up potato chips... something we can all agree on.

No, I don't agree to that. Plantain chips are the only way to go!

FROM: Chrissy [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday November 9, 2004 -- 4:16:18 am
Yep, Dirty's is totally Zapps. I wonder why they changed the name?

I'm still looking for my favorite - Crawfish flavor out here in Southern California.

The admin of the domain, btw is straight out of Gramercy - Administrative Contact:
Gaudry, Richard
307 E. Airline Highway
Gramercy, LA 70052

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday November 16, 2004 -- 3:42:13 pm
My guess was that Zapp's will remain the local version in the New Orleans area where Zapp's are not only popular, but dominant. Zapp's is a tough nut for Frito-Lay to crack. It's nice to go to a store or gas station and not think that Frito-Lay actually owns the place.

Dirty's is sufficiently watered down in personality to attract a national following outside the New Orleans area. Hopefully the flavors haven't been generified as well. Next paycheck I'll order some of both and compare. As always, I'll report back to the Ping Snack Bureau.

FROM: Andrew
DATE: Friday January 28, 2005 -- 7:44:47 pm
I bought a bag of "dirty" salt and vinegar potato chips and I can't say enough about how BAD they were.They had no taste,no salt no vinegar nothing but the taste of potato and oil.I found this site while I was trying to find the home page of the company to complain.

FROM: viktor
DATE: Friday January 20, 2006 -- 8:46:17 pm
These chips have nothing but oil. Absolutly tasteless.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday January 23, 2006 -- 2:40:21 am

It's true, every now and then someone falls asleep at Zapp's and the hopper full of flavorings and spices runs out, so the chips just go into the bag basically plain, without being whatever kind of chips the bag says theyare. Every time I order the 16 bagger box of chips, one of the flavors is dead--but it's never the same flavor twice.

Also, sometimes the opposite happens, and you'll get a really strong batch. I've always actually found Zapp's salt and vinegar chips to be quite strong, much more so than say Lay's. But the flavorless thing does happend occassionally. You should try them again in a couple of weeks and see if the flavor is there. Don't be surprised if the next time (if there is a next time) that the salt and vinegar is strong enough to make you pucker.

FROM: David
DATE: Tuesday May 2, 2006 -- 9:19:23 pm
I was recently on a fishing trip in Biloxi MS. Someone brought a variety box of "Dirty Potato Chips" to enjoy on the boat. Being from Ohio I had never heard of them before. We were all pleasently surprised, i had a few favorites. The ultimate is Salt & Vinegar.
David Casey

Arlan June 5, 2007, 11:57 pm

Hey, To ya’ll up North there. I thought it was Devine intervention that “Dirtys” are “Zapps”. Had my first bag of “Dirtys” while in DC last month. There were all kinds of flavors at a buffet sandwich lunch at our union meeting. When I saw the bags of chips I said “God, I wish those were ZAPPS”! When I looked on the back of the bag of “Dirtys” chips there was the P.O. BOX 1533 Gramercy, La 70052 address. The 307 East Airline Hwy (US 61) is not on the Dirty’s bag but; I bet they don’t share the same postbox, yeah
I think the “Dirty’s being the National brand” theroy is for true. I never heard of ’em ’til this year and I see from the blog here they been around for awhile. I find the flavor of the Zapps stronger than the Dirtys and see that Dirt’s are “KOSHER CERTIFIED” and Zapps don’t make that claim. Next time I’m in Gramercy I’m go’na stop and find out, Me. Never had a bad bag of either and just ordered somemore on line.

reid October 12, 2007, 10:03 am

I live in NOLA… I suspected that they were the same, thanks for the info. One comment that I would like to make is that the “Dirty” brand tends to have a better chip (less greasy, more uniform in texture and thickness). Both sometimes suffer from the mentioned under/over seasoning. Also, I think that the Zapps S & V tend to be stronger.

Zapp’s does have the normal and jumbo sized bags, though & down here the dirty are not that common.

The final factor to distinguish the two would be to compare the nutritional values. I may do this or not. Go Saints!

hans December 18, 2008, 3:15 am

I’ve personally never had the over/under flavored chips from Dirty’s but i am very curios about “Zapps” brand chips now, I guess the Zapp’s chips must be the evil sister!!

b-train February 19, 2009, 8:46 pm

just saw and picked up these dirty jalapeno heat chips. the grammercy address is on it by now. didn’t know i was buying zapp’s until i saw that. i’ve enjoyed zapp’s jalapeno for years, and the kettle cooked lay’s jalapeno more recently because they don’t suffer from the consistency problem with zapp’s. funny how everyone agrees on that, it’s a conclusion i’ve accepted by myself for years now. that said, this bag was better than either.

as far as the national markets go, it’s an interesting fact that i noticed zapp’s in the grocery store in a shot from stephen king’s _the mist_, which is set in maine. makes me wonder where the film was shot.

mrsfury March 23, 2009, 7:36 pm

According to the internet, The Mist was filmed in Shreveport.

I love Zapp’s creole tomato chips.

Munchies Blog May 1, 2010, 12:31 pm

I must say that I have eaten many a chip and have not been disappointed by any of their flavors and am glad you can get them in many places around the country. I really enjoyed their Mesquite BBQ chipsbut you cant really go wrong with any choice in my opinion.

Tina October 2, 2010, 5:48 am



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