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November 4th, 2004

UPS, Still Phoning It In

Up until yesterday, I’d had no real problems with UPS. Ryan did, back in the day but that’s another Ping.

A couple of weeks back I placed an order with I expected the package last week. Instead, the UPS status page noted that my name wasn’t on the directory in our building (which is true,) and that they’d send out a postcard to confirm that we did live here, despite the fact that UPS has delivered stuff to us before. And the mail gets here. And FedEx has had no trouble.

So the postcard came, and we contacted UPS per the postcard. Super. They said they would definitely be able to deliver the package even without our name on the buzzer, and all would be well. Tuesday came and went without a delivery, and no one came yesterday, so I looked at the status page again. The package hadn’t been delivered because… ready?… our name wasn’t on the directory downstairs. They actually delivered it back to the distributor in one day, and the person whose name I saw under “Signed” was really just some fellow at the shoe distributor in Wisconsin.

Now, UPS was contacted and some harsh words were doled out (mostly by Jeani,) but they played stupid. “Contact the company you purchased it from,” they said. So I did, and thankfully ShoeBuy is doing the right thing: refunding my original purchase and sending out a new pair. This time, though, I’m delivering it to my work address. Let’s see if I actually get it or not.

UPS kinda sucks.

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday November 4, 2004 -- 4:58:23 pm
Delivery services in general can't seem to accomodate the working person. I used to have my packages shipped to the office to avoid hassle. After 9/11 that's impossible now, since I have a state job. I just resign myself now to picking up packages at the post office on Saturdays. For fed ex or ups I'm used to leaving letters with my signature swearing up and down that I won't sue if a package, left on the back porch as directed in the letter, gets stolen. Delivery service that requires a signature in person can still present a significant problem. Who has a spouse who actually stays home anymore? This is the age of the dual income (and the same money problems people had back in the single income days--how'd that happen?)!

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday November 4, 2004 -- 9:22:13 pm
Hmmm, I hate to open old wounds, especially my own, but last Christmas, I gave them my heart. The very next day, they gave it away.

Seriously, I ordered several items from and waited and waited....I eventually got an email from amazon saying that they had received my "return" and they were refunding my credit card, minus the amount it took to ship the items back! UPS had sent everything back for reasons that I will never know. The box never graced my porch, and I had to drive all over the county a few days before Christmas and stand in long lines buying the missing items, which was exactly what I had tried to avoid my ordering on-line in the first place.

I do blame UPS for the error. But I still like most of their drivers.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Thursday November 4, 2004 -- 9:59:12 pm
my mom swears that the UPS customer service dept. are just a bunch of monkeys.
A girl I know at work had such an awful experience with a UPS store --she was sending in a job application, they MADE UP an address for it to be sent to and then blamed her for the fact that it didn't get there in time!! --that I decided I'd never send anything UPS again, ever. EV-ER.
(I'll go with USPS, they don't suck and they have a wonderful team of cyclists)

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday November 5, 2004 -- 9:12:27 am
Who has a spouse who actually stays home anymore?

I do.

FROM: Person of Interest
DATE: Saturday November 6, 2004 -- 5:11:54 pm
1. Include the FLOOR in the address, as in "FOURTH FLOOR".
2. Include "LEAVE WITH " instructions in the address and delivery options.
3. Request Saturday delivery if available in your area.
4. Request that the package be held at the depot for pickup by you.
5. Always get the UPS tracking number. I was able to get a misdelivered package myself.
6. If the driver leaves a yellow slip, sign it and tape an 8x10 "UPS DELIVERY YES" sign next to it.
7. Call the 800# and demand a call back from the distribution center. Caller ID will then give you the local distribution center's phone number.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday November 8, 2004 -- 11:27:13 am

Is your spouse really home all day or out running errands? Back in the day of the stay-at-home spouse, the spouse really did stay at home. Goods and services were delivered to the home; remember the milk man?
The last vestige of this bygone era actually seems to be the letter carrier. I'm surprised that we aren't all just told to come pick up the mail like those with post office boxes do. It would probably save the post office a lot of money on trucks and letter carriers.

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